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Weekly Release: Tagging People

This week we released the ability to tag applicants and search based on these user-generated tags. While the possibilities are endless, below are two examples of how tags can be used to organize your applicants –
Organize applicants throughout your hiring process 
Out of the box, we provide the ability to organize candidates in the following stages: New, In-review, Interview, Offered, Accepted, Hired, Rejected or Withdrawn. However, if you have a more granular process or Read more

Post Every Open Job on Facebook

Face it, the Internet has matured into a social place. Plus, the most visited website has built a social network while the second most visited website is a social network. We can go back and forth all day, is the Internet driven by Google or Facebook? In reality, the Internet is driven by the user. Where is the individual on the Internet? Google remains number one in pageviews, but Facebook is number one in terms of the people’s most valuable asset, time.

Not only does Facebook have over 800 million users with more than half logging in daily, but also consider this: The Internet loves Facebook so much that “Facebook” has twice as many hits as “Love” and “Google” combined (3.88 billion “Facebook” hits versus 1.67 billion “Love” hits and 1.69 billion “Google” hits, circa Google Search).

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Easy Tips to Leverage Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting, in its purest form, is the act of recruiting or engaging candidates on a mobile device. Using mobile devices to recruit candidates includes many different forms and involves many different devices, such as a smart phone, cell phone, tablet, or iTouch.  Mobile recruiting can be the use of mobile devices for either the candidate or the recruiter, and it supplements any social and internet recruiting strategy. When making your company’s recruitment strategy, consider the many apps, technologies, and tools that already out there and developed for the company’s benefit.

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Wishing You the Best Hires in 2012

Happy New Year! It’s 2012! We are here to help you with the resolution of growing your business. And to be the best business, it starts with hiring the best people.
Last year, we saw positive growth in the economy, and a reduction in unemployment has slowly followed. This year is the time for us to take the next step. This year is about getting America back to work. Help us beat the government’s unemployment expectations, and we’ll help you hire the best talent to beat last year’s bottom-line. 2012!
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