Occupational Therapist

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Hospital and Healthcare

Job Description

OT Essential Job Responsibilities:

  1. Provides differential diagnosis for patients with functional disorders.  Includes written reports made to both contracted facility and patient’s physician.
  2. Establishes and carries out treatment programs on the basis of the diagnostics information available which will meet the patient’s activity of daily living needs.
  3. Assists the patient, family, and appropriate restorative personnel to obtain information relative to the specific disorders while in the rehabilitation setting to facilitate patient recovery.
  4. Interacts regularly with other members of the rehabilitation team and nursing staff on the patient’s treatment plan, progress, and prognosis.
  5. Maintains good rapport with all significant administrative and restorative nursing personnel in all facilities in their area.
  6. Assures that all required written documentation is completed and appropriately placed on a timely basis.
  7. Submits logs and all billing information on a timely basis.
  8. Reports any problem areas within each facility to the appropriate supervisor immediately.
  9. Comply with the State Licensing Board of California, Title 22, CMS, and California Labor Board Guidelines.
  10. May perform other duties as assigned.


Physical Requirements: 

A.  Ability to bend, reach, or assist to transfer up to 50-100 lbs.

B.  Ability to stand and/or walk 80% of an 8 hr. shift.

C.  Visual and hearing acuity to perform job-related functions.


OT Job Summary:

Provides Occupational Therapy services including evaluation, treatment planning & implementation, discharge planning, as well as prepare reports detailing progress. Treatments will include training in activities of daily living, functional skills, motor development, compensation techniques & use of adaptive equipment and splinting. Test & evaluate patient’s physical and mental abilities analyzing rehabilitation goals; consult with rehab team in order to coordinate the most effective occupational therapy program.


OT Organizational Relationships:

Reports to:

Director of Rehabilitation, 

Responsible for the care delivered by COTA’s, Rehab Technician.

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