Lead Mechanical Engineer ( Nuclear)

  • Oakville, Canada
  • Contract

Company Description

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Job Description

Position: Lead Mechanical Engineer ( Nuclear)
Location: Oakville

MUST HAVE experience in the Nuclear industry to be considered for this role.

To perform this role successfully, the individual will be responsible for but not limited to the following:
Monitoring and supporting the technical activities of all Mechanical personnel on the project;
Providing technical guidance, working instructions, and supporting the application of sound Engineering principles and procedures to meet quality and performance standards;
Supporting all Engineering activities in compliance with applicable Codes, standards and regulations, and ensuring the adequacy of applications for permits and compliance with approved plans;
Facilitating and promoting the introduction of technical innovations to the organization;
Formulating and developing advanced techniques and concepts in Mechanical Engineering by technical research; 
Assisting with the technical mentoring of Project personnel and supervising engineering team's performance and quality of work; 
Providing technical guidance and engineering support for performing design and construction activities, making final decisions to a substantial extent;
Developing requirements for the conduct of Engineering practice and maintaining a day-to-day knowledge of the skills and availability of individuals within their respective specialties;
Reviewing and recommending available design tools;
Act as a liaison with engineering representatives of other disciplines internally and externally; 
Ensuring the quality and consistency, accuracy, and neatness of Mechanical Engineering and deliverables
Assigning specific actions to correct performance deficiencies;
Participating in formal design reviews and audits;
Ensure the confidentiality of all proprietary information in any/all forms as it relates to business and product development, company patents and current research, projects and developments and sign legal agreement for same;
Certain knowledge of the requirements for safety and environmental, seismic in nuclear industry in coordination with engineers engaged in solving problems concerned;
Evaluate efficiency of office engineering practice and programs 

Experience within the Nuclear sector is preferable in Steam Generator
Experience in Nuclear refurbishment projects
Knowledge of relevant codes and standards
Minimum of 15 years experience (7 years in Nuclear)


Additional Information

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