Front End Developer

  • Chicago, IL
  • Full-time

Company Description

 AIM is a nationally recognized technology consulting company with proven experience in strategy and execution of end-to-end technology solutions. We deliver high impact to your business, like improving IT systems reliability, security, and scalability; designing and developing the most effective digital experiences for your customers; implementing industry leading eCommerce and CRM platforms; or managing software development projects with Agile methodology. And that's just a sampling of our proficiency in technology.

Job Description

Do you make epic websites? Posses Ninja-like javascript skills? Is Jquery your BFF? Can you develop frameworks like backbone, angular or nodejs with both hands tied behind your back? If you want to be a part of sweet development project teams and have basic to god-like development skills - please reach out to


- A passion for Front End Development

- 1 to 10+ years constructing epic websites

- Javascript and Jquery (mostly from scratch)

- Framework knowledge (backbone, angular, nodejs)



Additional Information

Check out my website @