Customer Service Officer

  • New York, NY
  • Full-time

Company Description

Founded in 2005, ASP Services LLC  has grown into an industry leader in environmentally focused outsourced facility maintenance and operations services in the New York City. 
We are a team of seasoned professionals, experts in facilities management, in a wide variety of vertical markets … one of them—yours.
ASP's ability to deliver great benefits and measurable results starts with our ability to listen, learn and adapt our vast resources and capabilities to our customer's ever-evolving needs. 
Committed to green sustainability and service excellence, ASP is known for its bold strategies and "outside the box" thinking. 
Our established expertise allows us to advise our customers on the best ways to use the most advanced, environmentally friendly maintenance procedures, and to help develop and maintain high-performing, sustainable facilities.
ASP custom-designs single-source service solutions, providing complete facilities services from a central accountable partner, delivering only the services you need. Whatever the facility type or operational requirements, ASP answers the call.
ASP has built an extensive network of regional resources, allowing us to provide the necessary manpower whenever it's needed, and translate our long-standing relationships with key vendors and suppliers into added capabilities.
With a long list of satisfied customers and 8 years of experience, you know we're more than ready for your business.

Job Description

Customer Service Officer/Security Guard


Many Customer Service Officers work in office  buildings or facilities with frequent employee foot traffic. In such settings,  Officers are tasked with greeting employees and regular visitors as they  enter and exit the facility. Because the Officer may be the first person  an entering employee sees in the morning, a cheerful greeting can brighten the  employee's day and help build relationships. Likewise, welcoming customers and  clients with a pleasant and professional greeting can project a strong company  image and improve customer relationships.


Responsibilties can include (but not limited to):


* Officers should remain visible as a deterrent to criminals. Thefts,  damage and injuries can be thwarted when the perpetrators see a Officer.


* Officers must remain alert to watch for abnormal activity or hear any  unusual sounds.


* Officers are required to check visitors' badges and access  authority. They may be asked to check bags of visitors leaving a facility.


* Greeting and assisting Tenants and guest of building.


*  Escorting groups from lobby to desired Building floor with porper access passes.




High school Diploma or G.E.D required

Must have great interpersonal and communication skills

Must be able to travel to Manhattan

Customer service or security guard related experience is a plus

Must be willing to under go 3-4 days of Basic and Emergency response training for opportunity.


Additional Information

Compensation: Paying up to $18.15 per hour depending on educational background and pass work experience and location employed.

guranteed job placement assistance if selected for opportunity.