Work From Home or Dorm - Magazine Online Agent

  • Newark, NJ
  • Part-time

Company Description

We have been in business for over 16 years providing top quality service to our clients.  We are a provider of the top rated printed publications.  We have had an online presence since 2001. 

Job Description

Magazine Agent

We are hiring 12 Magazine Agents to become part of our online magazine team.


As a Magazine Agent you will be a member of one the easiest and highest paid magazine agent

sales positions on the internet.  You will receive 30% of all Sales.

This position is one that can be done directly from your computer.  You do not need to commute.

If you have a website, an email list, facebook page with fans, twitter account, Llinkedin, GooglePlus,

and any of the many social network sites this will be an advantage.  Any or all of these would be

helpful.  But, if you do not have any or all of the aforementioned, we have methods to help increase your sales to help you be effective at magazine promotions.

A Magazine Agent is a job that you can get sales from all different avenue streams; such as businesses, individuals, charities, social groups, doctor offices, schools, churches, fraternities, sororities, etc.  It is limitless the contacts you will find to promote to.

To enhance your income we have a special program that can enable you to make up to 4 - 5 figures a month from this program alone.  The benefits of this program can grow your business as the referrals will increase your sales tremendously.


You Will Need:

*  Computer

*  Access to Internet Connection

*  Experience with Computer Skills

*  Desire to make a Great Income

*  Social Networking presence helpful; but not required

Additional Information

This is our busy season, and we are hiring this week and next week.  Should you know someone with the qualifications who is looking to make a nice income as well; we will give you a nice referral fee. 

We hire you, at no cost to you.  We provide all your training, and promo aids Free of charge.  For a phone interview contact Jennifer at: