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Company Description

The African Library Project changes lives book by book by starting libraries in rural Africa.  Our grassroots approach mobilizes U.S. volunteers, young and old, to organize book drives and ship books to a partner library in Africa.  Our method makes a concrete and personal difference for children on both continents.


We work with our African partners to create small sustainable libraries in Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Africa and Swaziland, and we help Americans learn more about Africa. Our model provides many benefits for the U.S., e.g., leadership opportunities for young Americans, recycling of books, and many books not suitable for Africa are donated to American organizations. Our model is scalable and, while already making a significant difference, it has the potential to do much more.


We have made great strides in a short time. We have helped develop over 1165 libraries in 8 years!

Job Description

The African Library Project is a grassroots, all volunteer organization and at our heart are our book drives.

We're looking for YOU to become a Book Drive Organizer and build a library in Africa! Book Drive Organizers work with a school, church, company or youth club to collect, sort, pack and ship gently used and new books directly to Africa with money they have raised for shipping costs.

1000 books creates a new library! Do you know how little 1,000 books is? These 1,000 books provides access of books to those that have none! Organizers coordinate with a local school to plan the book drive's promotion, set up one or more collections sites and get the word out to parents and kids.Continued communication throughout the book drive keeps the books flowing in. Typically, working with a class or group of kids to promote the book drive, sort the books and then have a bookpacking party help educate the kids about Africa, which is part of our mission.


Book Drive Organizers are responsible for raising $500 to ship the books directly to Africa. You can find complete guidelines in the Book Drives section of our website by clicking on Start a Book Drive. Book drives usually last 1-2 months. This can also be team led.

Additional Information

You can do a book drive from anywhere! Help bring the literacy rates up on the African continent!