Infrastructure Engineer (Cloud/Site Reliability/DevSecOps)

  • West Jakarta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta City, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Full-time

Company Description

Airy is a leading budget travel solution powered by technology and established in Indonesia. Airy is able to integrate Indonesia’s best and affordable local accommodation and creates seamless, hassle-free staying experience, Airy has become one of the fastest-growing Accommodation Network Orchestrator in Indonesia. Airy is committed and continues to deliver solutions for our clients and customers best staying experience with friendly budget.

Job Description

Infrastructure engineering in Airy is the team that enables our engineering team to operate and grow at scale with security, agility, and reliability. You will help build the newest-generation, secure and reliable server infrastructure on top of our AWS (Amazon Web Services) & Kubernetes platform to sustain our rapid growth. We are obsessed with automating every part of our entire infrastructure stack with security and reliability in mind.
Join our supercharged team if you are interested in:

  • Design and deploy secure and reliable cloud native infrastructure services.
  • Design and implement security best measures for our infra stack.
  • Build high-performance networking and load-balancing infrastructure for our services.
  • Build reliable automation tools to supercharge our developers’ experience on building and deploying services to our Kubernetes cluster.
  • Architect improvements and operating our Kubernetes clusters on top of AWS.
  • Build our database infrastructure automation scripts with security in mind.
  • Design improvements and operating our whole infrastructure deployments with security, reliability, and performance in mind.
  • Maintain and improve our highly available, long-term storing, Prometheus clusters, plus designing the monitoring needs of our team and developers.
  • Architect improvements for our cloud-native logging stack.


What we are looking for:

  • >1 year of experience working with cloud infrastructure and system administration (AWS/GCP, Linux, Openstack, etc).
  • Have a deep fundamental understanding about computer architecture/linux, security systems, linux networking stack, and distributed systems.
  • Skilled on Linux tools. GNU tools are our staple. (incl. Bash, Python, netstat, ps, /proc file system, sysctl etc)
  • Experienced on building software with any high-level programming languages (C/C++, Python, Ruby, Golang, etc).
  • Experienced and have understandings of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. (CI/CD) technology (Jenkins, helm, self-made scripts).
  • Experience on infrastructure-as-code and configuration tools (Ansible, Chef, Terraform, etc.)
  • Experienced on containerization technology (Docker, rkt, cri, etc).
  • Experienced on using and operating Kubernetes.
  • Eager to learn, has a deep passion in infrastructure/cloud-native technology related to deployment infrastructure, load-balancing, monitoring, and automation.


Huge plus:

  • Have deep understandings of Kubernetes API.
  • Experienced in database systems (Postgres, MySQL, SQL, NoSQL)
  • Experienced and familiar with HashiCorp Technology stack (Terraform, Vault, Consul).
  • Experienced in monitoring and logging systems (Prometheus promQL/rules/alertmanager, EL(F)K-stack, etc.).
  • Have architected and managed scalable production infrastructure.
  • Flannel,CNI, iptables and ipvs mean something for you.
  • You read man pages and RFCs (also, RFC 2324,7168,2549,1925,etc. are important RFCs for you)