Research Engineer - Machine Learning (Machine Translation)

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Why should you work at Allegro?

  • Being a part of Machine Learning Research team, you will be responsible for finding solutions to research problems that we encounter with focus on Neural Machine Translation.

  • You will work with a wide range of language pairs and develop cutting-edge MT technology.

  • While working on a new problem, you will explore it in depth and conduct literature review, looking for the most promising techniques for a given problem

  • You will be responsible for the preparation of the production-grade machine translation models, supporting the development team. 

  • To apply state-of-the-art solutions, you will stay up to date with the scientific progress. You will deepen your knowledge by reading the latest papers in your domain, sharing the knowledge with other team members of the research teams operating in Allegro. 

  • You will have the possibility to share the results of your research in the scientific community by taking part in the scientific conferences (oral presentations, poster sessions). You will develop your scientific career, as well as Allegro's presence in the world of science 

  • In your daily work you will expand your knowledge by cooperating with people who have hands-on experience in implementation of the ML models at scale unprecedented anywhere else in Poland

What we offer:

  • A hybrid work model that you will agree on with your leader and the team. We have well-located offices (with fully equipped kitchens and bicycle parking facilities) and excellent working tools (height-adjustable desks, interactive conference rooms)

  • Annual bonus up to 10% of the annual salary gross (depending on your annual assessment and the company's results)

  • A wide selection of fringe benefits in a cafeteria plan – you choose what you like (e.g. medical, sports or lunch packages, insurance, purchase vouchers)

  • English classes that we pay for related to the specific nature of your job

  • Working in a team you can always count on — we have on board top-class specialists and experts in their areas of expertise

  • A high degree of autonomy in terms of organizing your team’s work; we encourage you to develop continuously and try out new things

  • Hackathons, team tourism, training budget and an internal educational platform, MindUp (including training courses on work organization, means of communications, motivation to work and various technologies and subject-matter issues)

  • Participation in top-tier ML/AI international conferences

  • Internal ML-seminars (both covering broad ML topic, as well as domain oriented)

We are looking for candidates who:

  • Write clean, robust and production-grade code in Python, have at least basic knowledge of ML frameworks (we use PyTorch, PyTorch Lightning, Transformers), and have experience in shipping and maintaining ML models in production

  • Experience with standard machine translation frameworks (e.g. OpenNMT, Marian) is welcome

  • Developed ML models with real data that deviate from the standard, well-developed datasets used in research. Bonus points for prior experience in working on machine translation models

  • Have a good knowledge of machine learning techniques, in particular those used in neural machine translation

  • Know the methodology of conducting scientific research and the use of iterative process of conducting experiments

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