Mobile Software Engineer (iOS) - Technology Consumer Experience

  • Poznań, Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław, Łódź, Gdańsk, Poland
  • Full-time

Job Description

The salary range for this position is: (contract of employment)

mid: 12 300 - 17 600 PLN gross

A hybrid work model that incorporates solutions developed by the leader and the team

In the Consumer area, we pursue the best possible customer experience, starting from main site visits, through browsing, searching and comparing listings, to the purchasing process and post-purchase services on all platforms (web, mobile web, iOS and Android). We are responsible for external traffic that involves thousand of requests per second. We have hundreds of millions of records in our database, microservice architecture on the back-end, and micro-frontends.

We conduct dozens of experiments, test hundreds of variants, analyse results and draw conclusions that we convert into specific tasks. We systematically take care of the fast and smooth operations of our sites. We monitor and solve issues related to efficiency, developing an optimum code to provide clients with the best user experience at Allegro.

We have nearly 30 teams made up of engineers that have various skills. We also cooperate with designers, researchers and analysts.

You will join one of the teams responsible for the development of native mobile apps for Android and iOS. You will also be part of Allegro’s mobile community, made up of more than 100 mobile developers. In our community, we actively share knowledge as part of our daily code review work, but also at dedicated company events. We organise the Mobile Hackathon and Mobile DevDay. It is a time dedicated to knowledge sharing, as much as it is an opportunity for team-building and listening to inspiring guests from outside the company.

We are looking for developers who:

  • Know iOS inside out, both as a developer, and as a user
  • Understand the app development process, from design to release to App Store
  • Are proficient users of Swift
  • Have hands on experience with object oriented programming, algorithms and data structures
  • Use version control tools on the daily basis (e.g. Git)
  • Are proficient in iOS ecosystem, Xcode has no secrets to them
  • Want to be proud of their code but also are open for feedback in code review
  • Are able to find efficient solutions that match the requirements set by users
  • Want to constantly grow and update their knowledge
  • Know English and Polish at B2 level

We offer:

  • A hybrid work model that you will agree on with your leader and the team. We have well-located offices (with fully equipped kitchens and bicycle parking facilities) and excellent working tools (height-adjustable desks, interactive conference rooms)
  • Annual bonus up to 10% of the annual salary (depending on your annual assessment and the company's results)
  • A wide selection of fringe benefits in a cafeteria plan – you choose what you like (e.g. medical, sports or lunch packages, insurance, purchase vouchers)
  • English classes that we pay for related to the specific nature of your job
  • Laptop with m1 processor, 32GB RAM, SSD - a 16” or 14” MacBook Pro or corresponding Dell with Windows (if you don’t like Macs), two monitors and all other gadgets that you should need
  • Working in a team you can always count on — we have on board top-class specialists and experts in their areas of expertise
  • A high degree of autonomy in terms of organizing your team’s work; we encourage you to develop continuously and try out new things
  • Hackathons, team tourism, training budget and an internal educational platform, MindUp (including training courses on work organization, means of communications, motivation to work and various technologies and subject-matter issues)

Why is it worth working with us?

  • You will work on development of a mobile application that is used by millions of users in Poland.
  • You will have a real impact on technical and business decisions in your project.
  • You will develop mobile applications using the latest technologies, like Swift or Kotlin.
  • Our daily job doesn’t only consist of adding new features to application, we also value technical improvements like refactoring or increasing test coverage.
  • We automate repeatable processes, like regression testing or project dependencies.
  • For UI automation we use XCUITest and snapshot testing.
  • For managing projects we use Bazel, XcodeGen, Fastlane and Python scripts.
  • We practice Code Review, Continuous Integration, Scrum/Kanban, Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, depending on the team
  • Each team can decide whether to use Scrum, Kanban or other agile framework.
  • Our mobile community consists of over 50 developers and testers.
  • Strong community support is a unique value of our company.
  • Every year our engineers attend the biggest IT conferences like WWDC, Try!Swift, UIKonf, AppDevConf, iOSCon.
  • Our internal ecosystem is based on self-service and widely used tools, such as Kubernetes, Docker, Consul, GitHub or GitHub Actions. This will allow you, from day one, to develop software using any language, architecture and scale, restricted only by your creativity and imagination. 
  • To match the scale, we also focus on building entire Platforms of tools and technologies that accelerate and facilitate day-to-day development, and we ensure the best Developer Experience to our teams
  • Technological autonomy: you get to choose which technology solves the problem at hand (no need for management’s consent). You are responsible for what you create
  • Our deployment environment combines private Data Centers (tens of thousands of servers) and Public Clouds (Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure)
  • Over 100 original open source projects and a few thousand stars on github
  • We organize Allegro Tech Live event, a 100% remote version of our offline Allegro Tech Talks meetups.
  • The IT team is made up of over 1700 members who co-create a blog:
  • We focus on development as well. We organize hackathons and internal conferences (e.g. the annual Allegro Tech Meeting), our employees regularly participate in events both in Poland and abroad (Europe and USA), and each team has its own budget for training and study aids. If you want to keep growing and share your knowledge, we will always support you

Apply to Allegro and see why it is #dobrzetubyć (#goodtobehere)

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