Energy and Environmental Policy Internship - Summer Term

  • Washington, DC
  • Intern

Company Description

The American Action Forum is a non-profit “think-tank” in Washington, DC dedicated to thoughtful, timely, politically informed policy analysis.  Our spring interns will have the opportunity to work with top issue experts as they apply our research to breaking current events, network with DC leaders, and publish their own public policy research.


Every American Action Forum issue expert joined the Forum with an exceptionally distinguished background. Some of the experts you will have the opportunity to work with include Doug Holtz-Eakin, Sixth Director of the Congressional Budget Office and Jennifer Korn Director of Hispanic and Women’s Affairs in the White House Office of Public Liaison.

What our intern alumni are saying about their time at the American Action Forum:


“Currently, I am in law school and one of my classes requires that I come up with legislation.  The skills I learned at the Forum helped me research the regulatory field and develop the law I plan to draft for my class.  Moreover, the research and writing skills which the Forum demands have assisted me in not only my current role, but will stick with me throughout my career.” – Bijan


“The Forum is a great way to learn about many of the policy areas that influence Washington politics. I have a background in Healthcare, but by working at the Forum, I became more aware of policy issues relating to Education, Energy and the Environment and Housing.” – Katherine


“The most valuable thing I learned at AAF was how to approach The Hill and Washington, DC as a whole, which mostly came from the insight provided by the Forum staff and guest speakers during the Internship Speaker Series.” – Max


“Working at the Forum is an amazing opportunity that can benefit a wide variety of people. The Forum improved my professional and business nature as well as improved my writing and research skills. Additionally, the Forum events and opportunities allowed me to experience living and working in Washington DC in a way I would not have been able to without this internship. The support from fellow coworkers is outstanding and the Forum is an excellent environment to grown and work.” - Catherine

Job Description

As an intern in the energy and environmental policy issue area, you will report directly to Catrina Rorke, the Director of Energy and Environmental Policy at the American Action Forum. She previously served as Legislative Director at Lighthouse Consulting Group, a government and public affairs firm. Prior to joining Lighthouse, Catrina worked for former Rep. Bob Inglis as his advisor on energy and environment issues. Rorke focuses her research on all aspects of domestic energy and environment policy, with special attention paid to fuel access, generation capacity, and emissions policy.

Rorke blogs regularly on the administration’s actions related to energy policy and supports the energy/environment work of the Director of Regulatory Policy, Sam Batkins.  She is still defining the voice for the Forum in the energy space, and will continue to focus on the big obstacles to a successful, forward looking domestic energy policy.


This is a relatively new policy area for the Forum.  As such, you will work with Ms. Rorke to craft projects that will give the Forum the most cogent voice in the energy/environment policy space.  Potential projects include:

  • Working with regulatory staff to determine which of the current wave environmental regulations are compulsory based on regulation, which are required because of litigation, and which are authored and put forth ahead of schedule.
  • Determining the value added of various energy subsidies.
  • Compiling data on successfully permitted energy projects.
  • Issue briefs on complex areas of energy/environment policy.



As part of the internship, your responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

  • Research assistance: Interns will provide research assistance and data collection for their issue area director when in the office
  • Event attendance: Interns will attend Capitol Hill hearings, private speaker events, and events held by other DC think tanks to analyze and report on the information presented
  • Forum event support: Interns will help promote, run, and evaluate all Forum events
  • Semester project: Interns will write a paper on a topic of their choice to be completed by the end of the semester. Issue area directors will assist the interns with their research and writing. Alternative semester projects will be considered, should you be interested.


Hours and Compensation

  • Interns must be available for 20 to 32 hours per week
  • Interns will be provided an hourly wage to cover transportation and living expenses
  • Interns will be responsible for bringing their own computer/equipment



  • Excellent writing ability and communication skills
  • An interest in the politics and policies of center-right conservatives
  • Self-starting attitude
  • Quantitative skills are desired but not required

Additional Information

Please include in your application a preferred start date, resume, cover letter, and writing sample of less than 1,500 words.