Technical Business Analyst

  • Toledo, OH

Job Description

We are a national healthcare advisory firm that works with hospitals and physician groups to develop customized solutions that have impact on your bottom line. Our advisors have the experience and creativity to find the right solution for you and your market. We have sat on both sides of the table for more than three decades – and we know that every situation has unique characteristics. Hospitals and physician practices are both struggling to do more with less. Our clients trust our understanding of the business of healthcare and find our advice leads to real financial and operational impact. Position Description

Contribute to IT business or sponsored technology projects by translating basic to complex business needs into understandable requirements.
Participate in the development and management of project plans related to application development initiatives, from project planning (business and strategic) and design, through testing, implementation, and maintenance.
Has a considerable understanding of current and emerging IT products, services, processes, and methodologies, along with a continuing understanding of the business function and process.
Able to understand business requirements, goals, and risks, in order to formulate and define the technical scope and objectives of projects.
Responsible for educating project team members and the business community on the impact of the proposed technology and for developing contingency plans.
Has a team orientation and is focused at all times on improving business operations.


Relevant training/education/experience
1-3 years relevant training

With the rapid changes in healthcare, there are no cookie-cutter solutions that work. Our experienced advisors start by observing and listening to you and your unique circumstances in order to hand-craft a solution that is right for you.
We believe in showing our clients the most valuable part of our work – the thinking behind our recommendations – rather than hiding behind a black box. We’ll walk you through the thought process that led to our plan of action, so you know the Why and not just the How of what we are advising.