Office Happiness Manager

  • San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

What we're doing at BRD 

BRD is at the heart of a financial revolution. We're building the missing piece of infrastructure that ties together the essential functionality of a bank, while individuals retain complete control over their assets. As a a financial infrastructure company, our mission is unlikely to ever be complete. We need to continually strive to bring the power of our apps to new regions of the world, some of which have never had wide access to banking functionality.

Our approach to this problem heavily focuses on several core tenets. For one, we will never have direct control or visibility over customer funds. It is not our job to interfere in the personal financial lives of our customers. This is accomplished by using digital assets like Bitcoin, and a mobile app like ours which manages its assets on-device.

The second tenet of our approach is to provide integration with the traditional financial system. Regardless of the currency, people still need to get paid, pay their bills, pay for goods at merchants, and send money to their family and friends. We are building infrastructure that integrates with local financial businesses that tie in with local currencies and adhere to local laws.

Finally, we need to fight for a quality consumer experience. This is why we try to retain control over every moment of our customer's interaction with our products. We relentlessly design, redesign, test, and experiment to ensure our customers have a positive, safe experience.


    Job Description

    Summary: The Office Happiness Manager plays an oversized role in ensuring that employees both in office and remote are able to do the best work of their careers by removing friction and enabling staff to thrive in their work lives.

    Duties & Responsibilities
    Human Resources Support (~ 33% time)

    • Collaborate with the VP of HR on initiatives that impact the entire company, including:

      • employee productivity & engagement

      • recruiting activities such as job posting, sourcing of candidates and coordination of interview schedules

      • new hire orientations

      • Assisting in performance management project management

      • recognition & budgeting initiatives, etc.

    • Analyze employee data and provide insights as requested, drawing on data from various “sources of truth,” including BambooHR (HRIS), SmartRecruiters (Recruiting ATS), & Lattice (Feedback/Reviews platform).

    • Implement and manage the company-wide performance review process via Performance Management Software (Lattice)

    • Provide general human resources support to offices and remote employees across the country.

    Executive Support (~ 33% time)

    • Plan and coordinate a variety of meetings on behalf of the executive team (8). This includes onsite and offsite meetings on a weekly basis and may include a combination of staff, vendors, and investors.

    • Assist CEO with travel and meeting coordination, and special short-term projects as requested

    • Assist Chief of Staff with special projects.

    • Assist with travel coordination for executives. This includes international travel to Europe and Asia for certain staff, as well as frequent (monthly) travel and event coordination for the leadership team.  

    • Ensure that travel expenses are incurred in a fiscally responsible way and adhere to BRD T&E Policy.

    Office Management (~ 33% time)

    • Oversee SF office management and assist remote offices in Bend, OR and Chicago, IL. This includes welcoming guests within the SF office; managing vendor relationships (janitors, etc.) across all offices; ordering office supplies and snacks across the company, as needed.

    • Support and participate in “fun, fun committee” to engage and recognize both new and established employees (creation and distribution of company-branded SWAG; send welcome kits to all new hires; arrange and host social events to acknowledge important milestones, etc.)



    • You are an operator who gets things. Your peers are impressed by your fast throughput.

    • You have self-awareness; You seek guidance and assistance when needed, yet you also value your autonomy to define the value of this role

    • You’re attention to detail borders on the extreme and you are proud of that.

    • You are proficient with a variety of productivity tools (e.g.: gSuite, Slack, Expensify, Asana) and can probably share a few productivity tips to help your teammates.

    Additional Information

    What it's like to work here

    We've built a lively remote work culture that emphasizes regular personal interaction. At BRD, we started as a remote team and have built our workflows around it. 

    Work-life balance is important and we strive to ensure everyone has enough time for family, exercise, and mental health. In our opinion, a happy and healthy team is an essential ingredient to finding creative solutions to the hard problems we're trying to solve.

    We're more operationally transparent than you may be used to. The entire team has access to a variety of dashboards that help our distributed team make better decisions. If you have a question that can't be answered by a dashboard or an easy query, let's see if we can fix that.

    BRD is committed to building an actively inclusive work environment that makes our team an excellent home for everyone.