Electronic Components Technician

  • Tampa, FL

Job Description

Many providers wonder if it is possible to conduct meaningful strategic planning in rapidly changing markets. We believe organizations can strike a balance between having an articulated vision and direction for the future and the flexibility to adapt as health care is transformed for the 21st century. We can also help organizations establish a clear link between planning and action to ensure that the planning process results in true progress. Our strategic planning services include:     Long term strategic planning and execution     Staff motivation to optimize goals and objectives acceptance     Refinement of existing practice plan     Governance planning     Defining the future needs for practioners  


Qualifications and Requirements: -  experience with fiber optic devices - packaging experience - optical connectors - lasers, spectrometer - hands on fiber optics experience - high precision packaging is a plus - experience with production and assembly of fiber components - test, design, RD, development experience - 1 - 3+ years industry experience - Must be a US Citizen  


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