[INTERNSHIP] Point.io Custom Applications Developer (Ref. BFLX_15_135)

  • Lisbon, Portugal
  • Intern

Company Description

Be-Flux is an API Economy System Integrator // Digital Agency established to deliver customer value in the form of smarter processes and increased business agility to client organizations by: enabling a digital approach, deploying innovative technologies and delivering agile BPM solutions. 

Be-Flux was established between London and Lisbon start-up scenes, to build on 30+ years of combined BPM experience with blue-chip clients and the favorable mix of technology talent and attractive economic conditions, leveraged by a worldwide network of clients, partners and technology assets.

Job Description

Be-Flux is a Strategic Integration and Distribution Point.io partner and we’ve been consistently delivering successful transformation programs on this cool platform - the first and only that combines MBaaS, iPaaS, BPM and API to enable quick-and-easy development, automation and mobility. To leverage upon this success we look forward to reinforce our team with mighty will, reliable talent and fresh insight.

Point.io is a 2012 founded startup based in the US and in the UK around the concept of a Digital Engagement Platform, which aims at easing companies' management of repetitive everyday tasks by integrating on premises and Cloud services in a business process management platform.The enterprise tool designed to bring those services and Point.io's business process capabilities together is the App Composer. It is a web and mobile platform provided to customers to build custom applications.

This application developer position and our join status of startup will bring you advantages that can't be found in larger companies. As you will be working on Point.io’s core strategical product, you will very rapidly gain responsibilities at Be-Flux and leave a durable mark in our strategic road map. You will learn to use new technologies on a regular basis. Your position will get you as close to the customers as to the logical back-end of our product, giving you a wide understanding of the enterprise's business processes and automation field. Finally you will get an international experience and travels to US Point.io headquarters are to be expected.

Your responsibility will be to use the App Composer to build custom applications for customers' demos and real life use cases. While using it, you will contribute to the improvement of its front-end experience and behind the scenes logic. Finally your knowledge of the platform will put you in the position to perform training internal to Point.io and for customers to expand the knowledge about the platform.

At the end of the internship we expect that your involvement and suggestions will have improved the global user experience of the App Composer, its multiplatform capabilities and the knowledge base supporting it with a completed functional documentation. Your deliverables for customers will also include a documented library of applications and building blocks usable as is for complex use cases and as training material for the App Composer.

We are looking for an intern for at least 6 months, who will have a reserved long term position at Be-Flux or Point.io if he or she makes its mark during the internship.


A technical knowledge in the following skills is expected:

• front-end web development

• javascript frameworks such as EmberJs, AngularJs, or React.

• mobile development experience

The following are nice-to-haves:

• knowledge of the languages Java, BPMN, Scala

• RESTful API development

• experience in the production of technical documentation and marketing contents

You will have to be fluent in English.

Additional Information

For more information about Be-Flux, visit www.be-flux.com. Connect with Be-Flux on Twitter (@befluxbpm), and LinkedIn (linkedin.com/company/beflux).