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Company Description

Our mission is to enable book lovers all around the world to bring them into a Full Experience of the book they love like they’ve never thought possible before… Begun “For the Fans, By the Fans“, we take our readers on a tour by the hand to show what is behind the curtains – what is “Behind the Story” -

Job Description

Behind the Story™ Books is looking has opened up position for the next writer to join our team of book lovers. Writers will have the chance to meet and connect with an online community of enthusiastic readers and interview authors (when applicable). Current publications available at online bookstores like Amazon / BN / iBookstore via search query: Behind the Story Book Companions and our company website:

All work will be concerning popular novels, both contemporary and classics. You will be researching in-depth regarding the background information of books, so if you are a book lover or hungry to know the story of other authors, this will be a dream job for you.  This is a freelance / contracted job, and you will have the flexibility to author as many or as little books.  

Writers will be hired based on the following criteria:

1. Selection of a book to from list or proposed title.
2. Submission of your sample writing per template.
3. Reviewed and rated by members of BTS club.
4. Publishing contract awarded to become a Fan Author.

Applicants can sign up directly at: :

"Become a Fan Author!" or

"BTS Club"  regarding The Beta Reading Club for more submission info.


  • There are two very important requirements to being a Fan Author:
    1. You have to love books. (be an avid reader)
    2. You have to love writing about books.
  • There are slightly less, yet important, requirements to being a Fan Author:
    1. Excellent handling of writing skills.
    2. Prior experience as a writer, journalist, or an editor.

Read full FAQ at:

Additional Information

You can check out more info at: Select the tab "Become a Fan Author!"

or enroll in The Beta Reading Club under "BTS Club" to receive submissions.

Please contact for more info.