Statistical Analyst

  • Oakland, CA

Job Description

We are comprised of experienced practice administrators, clinicians, IT/network specialists, programmers, along with hardware and software specialists and other professionals in healthcare. All have worked with a variety of specialties; from startup to providing ongoing support; in both the public and private sectors. We can provide you with superior positioning for electronic medical records, selection, clinical marketing, practice administration, credentialing, feasibility studies, and compliance issues.Job Description:

Typical daily responsibilities include reviewing lists of customer data/profiles that are identified to be merged, split, validated or cleansed through the Customer Master GUI front-end.

To accomplish this objective, this position would routinely conduct research (Web Searches, Subscription Services look-ups, discussions with business & sales teams, etc..) to validate, identify and profile & address attributes. Subsequently, they would be responsible for maintaining customer profiles.

As a hard working healthcare professional, you deserve peace of mind in knowing that your practice is maximizing its profitability with efficiency. We promise to assist you in realizing the growth potential of your practice and maximizing your revenues. We tackle growth profitability issues and feasibility studies. We promise to help you to practice medicine efficiently, profitably, and securely, with little down time.