LaunchOPS Manager

  • Boston, MA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Bridj is the nation's leading urban technology company. We focusing on creating the smarter city by using billions of data points to understand when, where, and how cities move. We then use that information to create systems that make cities more efficient, livable, and equitable. 

Our first consumer product focuses on creating the smarter city via a smarter mass transit system. We deploy a fully integrated shuttle network that doesn't have routes or schedules, but instead relies on both retrospective and prospective demand patterns. A bus that catches you, rather than you catching the bus. 

We have a fast paced environment, with a focus on speed to execution. We're solving real problems with real solutions, and doing it every day. We'd love to meet you. 

Job Description

The LaunchOPS Manager is a generalist role responsible for launching new markets, prospecting new opportunities, and coordinating across teams to move the company forward. Specifically, the LaunchOPS Manager is responsible for: 

  • New Market Launch: Taking a new market from inception to sustainability with limited direction. You will be tasked as the interim CEO of each market you launch, and it will be your responsibility to launch the Bridj product successfully, despite a high degree of local market ambiguity. You'll need to recruit suppliers, recruit customers, and recruit partners to begin to quickly take a market from zero to a 30% month over month growth rate. 
  • Prospecting: As part of the position, you'll be responsible for building out relationships with prospective new partners, whether those are cities, government agencies, or businesses. You'll work to understand their needs, and evaluate launch opportunities for Bridj. 
  • Analytics: The pre-requisite for any high growth company and job is a strong base in analytics, with an eye towards analytical decision making. You must evaluate current established business sectors, and apply those lessons learned to launching new business sectors. Most importantly, you'll triage data sets and conclusions to ensure that they are indicative of the business problems that you are trying to solve. 


  • BA/BS/Masters in Economics, Business, Engineering, Finance or other quantitative focus
  • 4+ years of highly analytical experience, ideally business operations or consulting. Experience at a fast paced technology company preferred
  • Have previously managed a team and created teams from scratch
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills with attention to detail
  • Deep experience analyzing data and the ability to use data to drive insights and decision-making
  • Passion for creating something out of nothing, and doing it quickly 
  • Quick and scrappy learner who adapts well to a fast-moving environment and gets things done
  • Combines creativity, problem-solving skills, and a can-do attitude to overcome any obstacle

Additional Information

We move quickly, and expect that you will too. You’ll get a Macbook and peripherals of your choice, and we’ll expect you to be up and running in a couple of days, contributing to our production systems and changing transit forever. Lots of other perks, including equity, competitive salaries, and bonus structures.