Design Engineer (Wellhead & Component systems)

  • Houston, TX
  • Full-time

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY:   This position is responsible for the development, improvement and design of new and existing products in order to support our customer needs as well as performing design analysis on components and assemblies to ensure that products are safe, reliable, easy to maintain and manufactured cost effectively.



1)             Initial responsibilities in a start-up and business transition environment include:  Evaluate existing and potential engineering systems for appropriate functionality to meet long term business goals, recommend and implement solutions that best fit business needs, and create the technical standards to meet those needs.  Due to the nature of this start-up operation, this role will function initially as supplier liaison, design/project engineer, purchasing, and administration.

2)             In the course of designing wellhead and component systems, performs the necessary research, testing, analysis and design to arrive at the best possible configuration for manufacturing, assembly, service and maintenance that meets customer needs. 

3)             Ensures compliance to applicable codes, engineering practices and safety standards as well as evaluates cost, maintenance, legal stipulations, environmental impact, quality and general production impact.

4)             Appropriately applies physical principles, laws, their interrelationships and appropriate application of computational fluid dynamics, metallurgy, structural analysis, thermodynamics, and kinematics.  Requires familiarity with analysis methods such as finite element analysis (FEA).

5)             Generates test procedures and necessary support documentation for product validation.  Organizes and prepares reports of pertinent data and observations, summarizes findings, and makes presentation of results.  Executes product tests and experiments as needed to demonstrate acceptable product performance.

6)             Carries out an approved design to manufacturing “readiness” state by defining critical design parameters, geometric dimensions and tolerances, materials to be used, developing drawings and final design layouts using Computer Aided Design (CAD).

7)             Recommends needed changes or enhancements to improve existing products.

8)             Ensures appropriate and accurate set up and maintenance of Bill of Material system in order to translate design into parts and materials for the manufacturing process.

9)             Generate the processes as well as standards and guidance documents which serve as “best practices” for the company.

10)          Works effectively with varied internal and external partners/customers, on or off-site, to meet objectives.

11)          Proactively, positively, and constructively supports the Company vision, mission, quality statements, and the general company direction at all times.

12)          Acts as a role model in carrying out job duties assigned within this position, including strong work ethic, solid communications, creative problem solving, and a focus on getting results.

All other duties as assigned


QUALIFICATIONS include the following:

1)       Decision Making – Clearly able to explain the rationale behind decisions in a sound, logical, realistic and prudent manner in risk taking.  Develops highly creative and effective solutions despite the absence of information and short time-frames.  Involves others in decision making process to obtain buy-in but demonstrates the ability to move forward with decisions when necessary and mitigates risk as needed.

2)       Problem Solving – Demonstrates the ability to use systematic approaches to identify key elements of problem, data collection and evaluation, offer alternate solutions with rationale, and take action to implement resulting plans.  Delivers solutions that are effective and turn out to be correct and accurate when judged over time. 

3)       Drives for Results – Drives an organizational culture that focuses on results, inspiring others to achieve and exceed goals and expectations.  Holds those accountable for non-action or unreasonable support.

4)       Communication Skills — Very effective at providing timely, concise, audience-appropriate information orally and in writing. Ability to present detailed information in the form of guidelines and standards.

5)       Teamwork and relationships with others — Fosters strong collaboration and team-building skills which transition into enduring relationships with staff and customers, focused on continuous improvement for the business.

6)       Customer Focus — Very skilled and committed to meeting expectations of internal and external customers, marked by attention and customer satisfaction. 

7)       Project Management — Develop, execute and deploy complex projects on time and within budget.  Consistent champion on organizing resources/activities for process changes.  Routinely identifies opportunities for synergy and integration in both work flow and efforts, simplifies complex processes.  Demonstrates in-depth knowledge of planning practices and engineering standards.


  • Required Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering or relevant engineering field with two to five years’ experience in design engineering.
  • Prefer manufacturing start-up experience

Additional Information

Experience with Fracking pumps is highly desirable.  Reciprocating equipment, rotating equipment, heavy machinery experience.