.Net Developer - Full-Time

  • Poway, CA
  • Full-time

Job Description

We are looking for a Senior .NET Developer, enthusiastic, ambitious, ready to learn and take on new challenges, to build a next generation of products. Must be willing to work overtime/ odd hours. Ambitious, go-getter developer required for this role.

Job Description:

Highly skilled .NET developer with a strong background in building scalable, generic, predictable, high-quality and high-performance web and windows applications & products on the Microsoft technology stack.

Product development involves conceptualizing and writing complex to very complex algorithms.

Participate in creating Product specifications, parameterization & standardization.

Help create, innovate & improve design patterns & application architecture for the project.

Be completely hands-on with development, issue resolution, bug fixing etc.

Participate & Contribute to UI/User Experience Design.

Work with QA team for bug fixes and for performance testing.



Strong insights into design patterns, application architecture, generic programming, various programming paradigms.

High analytical ability. Ability to understand, create, optimize advanced algorithms. Exposure to advanced data structures.

Strong experience & skill on .Net 4.0, C# 4.0, MVC 2.0/3.0, WCF, SOA, MSSQL 2008, OLAP.

Good insights & skills into advanced .Net/C# topics – e.g. reflection, covariance & contravariance in generics, multithreading, custom serialization techniques etc.

Familiarity with sourcing data from diverse sources.

Very strong JavaScript skills – DOM Manipulation, memory mgmt., Closure, hoisting, prototype inheritance, common JavaScript code patterns etc.

Experience Required:

Must have very high algorithmic aptitude, if you don’t have interest and experience in writing complex algorithms 

3+ years of experience as a senior developer/ tech lead.

5+ Years of experience with delivering .Net (C#, ASP.NET, WCF, JavaScript) based solutions.

3+ Years of experience with MS SQL Server (or similar RDBMS)

2+ Years of experience with application design & architecture

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