Animal Services & Pet Care Attendant/Grooming Assistant/Kennel Cleaner

  • Atlanta, GA

Job Description

Healthcare organizations face challenges including internal operations, financial planning, strategy development/ implementation, and government regulation. Within this complex environment, leaders must make astute, well-informed decisions that can be clearly communicated to the organization’s stakeholders.          We are a leader in the business and strategy of healthcare organizations. We are committed to delivering smart and practical resolutions to critical issues, on-time and on-budget, across the spectrum of healthcare organizations.          We offer a unique combination of creativity, insight, and experience that allow our clients to be among the organizations that are leading healthcare forward.          Skills/?Qualifications:            Knowledge of Animal Behavior, Dental Prophylaxis, Documentation Skills, Analyzing Information, Clinical Skills, Knowledgeable regarding illnesses, vaccines and preventative care, Ability to Perform a wide range of Diagnostic Procedures, Use of Medical Equipment (analog and digital XRay), Attention to Detail, Patience, Excellent Verbal Communication.?                   We offer a competitive benefits package which includes: Healthcare, Dental Care, 401 K, Vacation, Paid Time Off and personal pet discounts.?            Requirements:      High School Diploma or Equivalent      Full-time position      Love of animals and their well-being      1 - 3 pet care experience (personal or professional)                      Our mission is to provide the highest level of management consulting services to our healthcare clients. To do this, we're committed to our values:          -Focus on the client.     -Provide the highest quality services possible.     -Provide highly specialized expertise.     -Create a professional environment with continual opportunities for development.          When you work with us, we empower you to be your best. We hire you for your experience, integrity, and education; then assign you challenging projects and help you grow professionally.  With offices in remarkable cities around the country, a great company culture, and attractive compensation packages, this may be the right workplace for you.