Software Engineer - Frontend

  • Full-time

Job Description

  • Contribute to all aspects of the software development lifecycle including design, development, documentation, testing and operations
  • Create code that's easy to read
  • Work with your team to maintain, improve and clean your code
  • Review each other's code and learn software engineering best practice here
  • Deliver good quality code in a reasonable timeline
  • This is a full time job and not an internship position


Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor (S1) Degree in Computer Science or if you don't have a Bachelor's degree, prove to us that you can code at the same level as other software engineer (we have people in our team who doesn't have Bachelor in computer science)
  • Experience and passion in web technologies styling, web performance and javascript (HTML5/CSS3/Javascript)
  • Passion and curiosity to explore new things and keep abreast with new front end technologies
  • Has high level understanding on how the internet works (HTTP, DNS, IP, Server-client interaction, etc)

Additional Information

Preferred Qualifications (Not required but nice to have):

  • Proficiency in, at least, one programming language such as Java, PHP, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Rust, Go, Haskell.
  • Comfortable working in server code although not very deep
  • Has prior experience as a software developer or UX designer
  • Experience with Linux
  • Experience with basic tooling like git, browser debugging, bash scripting, etc.
  • Experience in coding competitions
  • Understand how to create a code with browser compatibility in different platform (android, desktop, iOS)