Certified Medical Assistant

  • Memphis, TN
  • Full-time

Company Description

Christ Community Health Services has focused on fulfilling the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the poor, the uninsured and the homeless in Memphis since 1995. Through our strategically placed health care centers and outreach programs, we provide high-quality health care and other services to thousands of patients, caregivers, students and families each year. Our goal is to go where the need is greatest to provide quality services in the name of Jesus Christ.

Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY:  Certified Medical Assistant

Location:       Broad Avenue Health Center              Posting Period:  1/10-18/2013 or until filled

Reports to:    Office Manager                                     Pay Range:         $11.02 - $15.43 hourly

FLSA Status:  Nonexempt

    Note:  Flexible hours to include evenings and weekends


The Medical Assistant helps providers with the delivery of patient care, providing basic triage and helping to ensure optimum patient-to-doctor flow. The Medical Assistant provides administrative support as well as clinical support, to include front desk/registration duties.




  • Reviews and prepares medical record to ensure completeness prior to patient exam, obtaining missing documentation. Documents clinic visit, observations, and related activities. Files charts.


  • Assists with initiation of patient history and physical assessment. Assists nurses and physicians with physical exams and simple in-house surgical and therapeutic procedures.


  • Checks patient vital signs and takes body measurements, documenting results in patient chart.


  • Prepares and maintains exam and treatment rooms, cleaning after patient discharges to ensure a clean and sanitized environment. Maintains supplies inventory and ensures patient care equipment is clean and properly functioning, reporting defective equipment and supplies to supervisor.


  • Collects specimens and prepares them for outside lab, communicating with lab for STAT pickups or testing. Performs simple STAT lab tests and performs urinalysis on urine specimens. Prepares lab results for physician to sign.


  • Administers breathing treatments and injections, performs EKGs, and tests pregnant patients on NST machine per provider orders.


  • Answers phone calls, relaying patient requests and questions to appropriate individuals. Explains provider instructions to patient, as appropriate. Provides teaching to patients and families within scope of knowledge base.


  • Assists with scheduling/referral of patients for specific treatments.


  • Responds to medical emergencies and administers first aid as appropriate.


  • Performs other duties as required.


Education:  High School Diploma or equivalent; graduate of an approved Medical Assistant Program.


Experience: Previous phlebotomy experience; experience with autoclaves/sterilization preferred; experience in ambulatory care, pediatrics, and obstetrics preferred.


Licenses or Certifications: Certified Medical Assistant certificate; BCLS certification


Mental Requirements

_____ Level 1 - Requires some concentration and normal attention. Generally, once the job is learned, the tasks can be performed more or less automatically.

_____ Level 2 - Requires high periods of concentration intermittently and normal attention. Generally, even once the job is learned, tasks will require normal attention to deal with recurring variables.

   X     Level 3 - Requires a high level of concentration and high level of attention intermittently. Generally, the approach to tasks may be consistent, but the number of steps required and/or the number of variables involved creates the possibility of errors unless the incumbent pays close attention.


Physical Requirements

Activity          Approximate % of Time

Sitting               5%

Standing         10%

Walking           85%



Approximate percentage of time spent lifting, pulling and/or pushing: 15%


Maximum number of pounds required (with or without assistance):  65 lbs.


Types of objects the incumbent is required to lift/pull/push. Patients, supplies, equipment

Machines and Equipment Used:

 Machines, Equipment, Tools               Approximate % of Time            Degree of Hand: Eye

                                                                                                              Coordination Required

  1. EKG                                                          15%                                        High
  2. NST                                                           10%                                     Normal
  3. Audiometer                                                20%                                       High
  4. Pulse oximetry                                             5%                                     Normal
  5. Nebulizer                                                   15%                                       High
  6. Accucheck                                                   5%                                      Normal
  7. Computer                                                   20%                                     Normal

8.   Photocopier                                                 5%                                       Low

9.   Telephone                                                  15%                                      Low


Approximate percentage of time incumbent spends in "on-the-job" travel, excluding commuting to regular work location: From no travel up to about 20% depending on primary assignment.


Working Conditions

Frequent exposure to infectious agents; lifting and transferring of patients, supplies, and equipment creates risk of injury.