OTP Billing Coordinator

  • Memphis, TN
  • Full-time

Company Description

Christ Community Health Services has focused on fulfilling the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the poor, the uninsured and the homeless in Memphis since 1995. Through our strategically placed health care centers and outreach programs, we provide high-quality health care and other services to thousands of patients, caregivers, students and families each year. Our goal is to go where the need is greatest to provide quality services in the name of Jesus Christ.

Job Description

Job Title:  OTP Billing Coordiinator                              Posting Period:  01/22-30/2013 or until filled

Location:    Central Administration Building                 Pay Range:          $14.29 - $20.01 per hour 



This position is responsible for preparing billing invoices for all OTP payors, managing report submission and customer service and data collection. This position will also provide support for all other internal and external billing functions.



  • Codes and charge entry of OTP billing.
  • Collect and post payments.
  • Log and report invoice data.
  • Follow up on unpaid OTP invoices.
  • Work Aged Claims.
  • Maintain monthly reports and collection logs.
  • Provide support for all other billing functions.
  • Follow up on unpaid balance of aged A/R prior to 2012.
  • Prepare separate daily cashg log for payments  received by mail and EFT, and scan cash log to billing vendor.
  • Work with pharmacy department to manage overflow.
  • Responsible for oversight of OTP Billing.
  • Responsible for reconciliation of missing hospital slips.
  • Responsible for all patient phone calls related to billing.
  • Responsible for scanning of hospital encounters for PMG to post.
  • Communicate as needed with insurance plans on billing issues.
  • Develop and maintain an ongoing relationship with billing vendor staff.
  • Demonstrate ability to be viewed as a subject matter expert in their current role.
  • Organize work//resources to accomplish objectives and meet deadlines.
  • Crossover duties to fill in other billing coordinators.
  • Demonstrates a cooperative team approach in activities.
  • Attends and participates in meetings, committees and training sessions as directed.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Education:  High school diploma plus some specialized training.

Experience:  At least 1 year previous billing. Must know ICD-9, CPT or ADA coding.  Ability to read EOB/Remittance Advice. At least two years in the healthcare  industry and customer service. Ability to read EOB/Remittance Advice and invoices.

Additional Information

Mental Requirements

      Level   1   – Requires some concentration and normal attention. Generally, once the job   is learned, the tasks can be performed more or less automatically.


 X  Level   2   – Requires high periods of concentration intermittently and normal attention.   Generally, even once the job is learned, tasks will require normal attention   to deal with recurring variables.


    Level   3   – Requires a high level of concentration and high level of attention   intermittently. Generally, the approach to tasks may be consistent, but the   number of steps required and/or the number of variables involved creates the   possibility of errors unless the incumbent pays close attention.

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

Physical Requirements

Sitting       90%    

Standing     5%    

Walking       5%    



Approximate percentate of time spent lifting, pulling and/or pushing: 5%

Maximum number of pounds required (with or without assistance):  50  lbs.


Types of objects the incumbent is required to lift/pull/push. Boxes of encounters, payment batches


Machines and Equipment used  

Machines, Equipment, Tools   Approximate % of Time          Degree of Hand:Eye Coordination Required

  1.   Telephone                                    10%                                     Low

 2.    Computer                                     70%                                 Normal

 3.    Fax                                                 5%                                     Lowl

 4.    Photocopier                                  10%                                     Low

 5.   Calculator                                        5%                                    High


Approximate percentage of time incumbent spends in "on-the-job" travel, excludiing commuting to regular work location: 5%


Working Conditions

Typical office environment with slight risk of back injury from lifting heavy boxes.


Other Requirements

 Occasional driving of automobile for clinic visits, outside training and meetings.

Communication Demands:  Talking on telephone, training/giving instructions, receiving instructions and composing written language (English).

Decision Making:  Makes independent decisions with occasional guidance from supervisor. Makes independent decisions on routine activities within the scope and function of the position.