Medical Interpreter

  • Memphis, TN
  • Full-time

Company Description

Christ Community Health Services has focused on fulfilling the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the poor, the uninsured and the homeless in Memphis since 1995. Through our strategically placed health care centers and outreach programs, we provide high-quality health care and other services to thousands of patients, caregivers, students and families each year. Our goal is to go where the need is greatest to provide quality services in the name of Jesus Christ.

Job Description

JOB TITLE:  Medical Interpreter  (Full-time)                        POSTING PERIOD: 05/07 - 13/2013 or until filled

LOCATION: Broad Avenue Health Center, Hickory Hill       PAY RANGE:  $14.00 hourly

   Health Center & University Family Health Center              FLSA STATUS:  Non-Exempt

REPORTS TO: Director of Health Support Services/Interpreter Supervisor



The Interpreter translates for medical and clerical staff foreign languages spoken by CCHS patients and family members. The Interpreter assists and instructs patients from the time they enter the system, to delivery of care and through follow-up and assists staff in their efforts to communicate effectively with non-English speaking patients and helps staff gain cultural competence needed to adequately serve patients.



  1. Provides translation assistance according to established policies and standards: Assists with application process at check-in, initiation of the history and physical assessment, translates and instructs patient during health care visit, and assists health care provider during visit as indicated or requested.
  2. Answers foreign language phone line and responds to patients’ inquiries according to office telephone protocol.
  3. Retrieves messages from foreign language phone lines, translates, and gives to nurse.
  4.  Provides follow-up calls to patient with nurse’s or provider’s response to health care concerns. Initiates calls to patients for information needed to complete medical record and to assist in the billing process.
  5.  Maintains a resource list of services available for non-English speaking patients. Translates written materials.
  6.  Answers inquiries; communicates policies, procedures, and standards to patient, patient’s family, and visitors.
  7.  Provides teaching to patients and families per provider instructions. Explains discharge instructions and guide patients to CCHS pharmacy, when appropriate.
  8.  Represents CCHS at cultural events, i.e. Latino Memphis.
  9.  Assists at the front desk as needed.
  10.  Performs other duties as required.





Education: High school diploma or equivalent.


Experience: Fluent foreign language speaker. Ability to speak and write language. Knowledge of medical terminology.


Licenses or Certifications: BCLS certification


Additional Information

Mental Requirements

      Level   1   – Requires some concentration and normal attention. Generally, once the job   is learned, the tasks can be performed more or less automatically.


      Level   2   – Requires high periods of concentration intermittently and normal attention.   Generally, even once the job is learned, tasks will require normal attention   to deal with recurring variables.


   X Level   3   – Requires a high level of concentration and high level of attention   intermittently. Generally, the approach to tasks may be consistent, but the   number of steps required and/or the number of variables involved creates the   possibility of errors unless the incumbent pays close attention.

Physical Requirements


Approximate percentage of time spent lifting, pulliing and/or pushing: 25%


Approximate percentage of time incumbent spends in "on-the-job" travel, excluding commuting to regular work location:  50% in clinic and 50% in outreach.


Working Conditions

Frequent exposure to infectious agents and some lifting of supplies or equipment.