Staff Accountant

  • Memphis, TN
  • Full-time

Company Description

Christ Community Health Services has focused on fulfilling the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of the poor, the uninsured and the homeless in Memphis since 1995. Through our strategically placed health care centers and outreach programs, we provide high-quality health care and other services to thousands of patients, caregivers, students and families each year. Our goal is to go where the need is greatest to provide quality services in the name of Jesus Christ.

Job Description

Position Available: Staff Accountant                                          Posting Period:  06/14-24/2013 or until filled

Location:  Central Administration Building                                  Pay Range: $19.00 - $28.50 hourly

Reports to: Controller                                                                  FLSA Status: Exempt



The Staff Accountant manages the accounts payable cycle for Christ Community Health Services, supervising the
Accounts Payable Clerk and constantly improving systems.


  1. Creates a daily cash report utilizing outstanding check list, A/P Aging and General ledger.
  2. Records daily bank transaction journal entries and/or reconciles account on a rotating schedule.
  3. Reconciles Daily Cash Activity of the clinics and reconciles the clearing account.
  4. Reviews AP Batches prior to daily entry by AP Clerk and assigns the necessary account codes for processing.  Reviews AP at calendar year end to determine who should receive IRS Form W-9 and then keeping forms up to date; working with AP clerk creates annual 1099 forms required by IRS..
  5. Responsible for closing various revenue systems each month on a rotating schedule and creating the necessary entries to record revenue. (EMd's, QS1, DENTRIX)
  6. Maintains vendor records including add new vendors and inactivating old vendors.  Sets up and maintains r ecurring vendor payments and reconciles monthly.
  7. Processes credit card payments, ensuring proper authorizations before paying online.  Clear various ACH payments made bymanagement online as needed.
  8. Assist in preparation of audit schedules and analysis of accounts for yearly audit and UDS report.
  9. Performs other duties as required.




Education: Bachelor's degree in accounting.

Experience3-6 years experience balancing bank statements, general ledger and accounts payable with experience balancing subsidiary ledgers to general ledger and processing entire accounts payable cycle.


Mental Requirements


_____ Level   1   – Requires some concentration and normal attention. Generally, once the job   is learned, the tasks can be performed more or less automatically.


_____  Level   2   – Requires high periods of concentration intermittently and normal attention.   Generally, even once the job is learned, tasks will require normal attention   to deal with recurring variables.


__X__ Level   3   – Requires a high level of concentration and high level of attention   intermittently. Generally, the approach to tasks may be consistent, but the   number of steps required and/or the number of variables involved creates the   possibility of errors unless the incumbent pays close attention.


Physical Requirements

                                      Approximate % 

Activity                                 of Time                         Comments

Sitting                                  70%              

Standing                              10%             

Walking                                30%             



Approximate percentage of time spent liftin, pulling and/or pushing. 10%


Maximum number of pounds required (with or without assistance): 20 lbs


Types of objects the incumbent is required to lift/pull/push. Filing folders, reams of paper.


Machines and Equipment Used:

                                                                                                                 Dgree of Hand, Eye

Machines, Equipment, Tools             Aproximate % of Time                  Cordination Required

  1.   Computer                                                80%                                             High  
  2.   Telephone                                               10%                                           Normal
  3.   Adding machine                                        4%                                             High
  4.   Label maker                                              1%                                           Normal
  5.   Printer                                                        5%                                          Normal


Approximate percentage of time incumbent spends in “on-the-job” travel, excluding commuting to regular work location:  1% 

Additional Information

Working Conditions

Typical office environment; potential eye strain due to working on computer for long periods of time.