Developer UX/Front End Engineer

  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Comprehend is a fast growing, Palo Alto start-up that’s looking to transform medicine by dramatically streamlining today’s cumbersome clinical trial information systems.  Our mission is to create Software-as-a-Service tools that help understand, explore, and analyze data across multiple, disparate data sources. We are committed to helping life science companies leverage their data in order to get safer and better treatments and diagnostic tools into the hands of patients more quickly. 


Our first product, Comprehend Clinical™, ultimately improves and accelerates clinical trials to help bring new, safer treatments to market sooner.  Comprehend Clinical™ helps clinical data managers; clinicians, monitors and executives quickly and easily make decisions in real time without moving the data.

Job Description

You'll be responsible creating next generation visualizations and user interfaces.


  • Creating custom javascript visualizations
  • Creating usable, intuitive interfaces
  • Use a variety of languages and environments, and pick up new ones when and where necessary


About you:

  • Have a solid Computer Science Background

  • Are great with cross-browser, custom javascript

  • Have solid frontend experience, creating a usable application from start to finish

  • Understand how to manipulate data to populate your custom visualizations

  • Proven track record of getting things done

Additional Information

Why work at Comprehend Systems?


Improve the world:
 Our first product directly helps bring new cures and treatments to the market faster and safer. You will directly help save lives, potentially even your own (one of our investors actually helped get a drug approved that he now takes daily).

Big Vision:
 We’re creating the future of how companies and people extract answers from data, which will drastically benefit every industry. Once we solve the problem for clinical trials, we’re going to solve this problem universally!

 At Comprehend Systems, we are a tight-knit group of can-do engineers, with experience in both large and small companies. We have one guiding principle that all members of our team follow: “no ego”. If you don’t understand something, simply ask and we’ll help. We’ll do the same. We’re all on the same team, let’s help each other as best we can.

 We want all of our employees to be fully invested in the success of our company. Because of this, we’re offering generous equity stakes to all employees.

 We’re a well-funded Silicon Valley startup. If you have ambitions about one day starting your own company, we can help. Come work with us and learn about startups from the inside.

We’re running a full Java Enterprise house. On the backend, it’s EJB 3.1, JDBC, JPA, and more. On the frontend, we’re running Google GWT, EXT GWT, Highcharts, and custom javascript libraries. While you don’t have to be a master in each of these technologies, it helps to have a basic understanding.

 We offer competitive salaries for exceptional engineers, health insurance, vision, dental, gym memberships, flexible vacation time, and meals. We’re looking for self-motivated individuals who do what they say they’re going to do. Because of this, we strive to create a work environment that’s very accommodating.