Java Developer

  • Sunnyvale, CA
  • Full-time

Company Description

DESK Ventures is working on an early-stage crowd sourcing cloud product aimed at helping people figure out what they are good at and where they should work.  The business is stealth for now, seed funded now and planning for an A Series funding event in late summer.  The team of developers is located in SF and Singapore, with most of the growth for the rest of the year planned for the greater SF area.  We have a huge, revolutionary market opportunity in sight.  This is a great opportunity to get paid and be an early employee.

Job Description

The Java Software Developer position is pretty much what you'd expect if you've had a job with that title before. You'll work with a small team of developers, led by a senior, sometimes grumpy architecture who has built some pretty awesome enterprise-class systems for telecomm and media companies over the past 25 years.  

You'll need to be able to carry your own coding tasks, but the team is tight, and people are willing to help out if you've done your homework before you ask for their time.  I need you to be able to work physically somewhere between San Francisco and Sunnyvale, CA.  Right now our office is in downtown SF, but we're likely to move down the peninsula in 3 or 4 months. 

You're work will mostly be on a collection of cloud-based services with REST APIs that are used by various mobile device front-ends implementing web app and native UX.  There's also a generous amount of social media / network integration--some of which is on the mobile device and some on the platform.  


You need to be able to write and run code in your mind.  Right now, a lot of our work is in Java, so you need to know Java cold.  If you also have worked with any of the popular mobile device languages (iOS or Android-friendly), that's really nice too.  It's ok if you are strong on Java and still learning the social media landscape.  Your Java knowledge should include direct use of the following Spring, Spring Web MVC, JPA, Lucene, Solr.

You should also know how to use Git, Postgres, and Spring Tool Suite (Eclipse) without having to refer to documentation every 3 minutes. 

Knowledge of Facebook and LinkedIn APIs and platform architecture (e.g., FB Timeline) will be very useful, but it's ok if you're still a bit green on this as long as you're a fast learner.

Bring whatever personality you have, but we do have a few requirements.  First, respect those around you--we're all brilliant and stupid at something, so remember the former when the latter makes itself known.  Second, pride-of-authorship is encouraged, but not at the expense of running off the cliff-of-ignorance just because you're too proud to admit you don't know what the [#$@] you're doing.  We don't have manager standing around to keep things on track, so you have to be self-managing. 

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.