Polyglot Web Developer

  • unknown, Calgary, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

Decoder creates mobile device and tablet products, with a little web thrown in for good measure, for cutting edge startups and businesses across North America. From the first meeting to the first download, we’ll work together to put something delightful into our customers’ hands. We also like to create products with our own in-house ideas and are deeply passionate and imbedded into our local startup community.  


The work is incredibly challenging.  You’re not just patching up tired, old code or hoping what you are working on will actually make it out there. Our stuff is in production and being used by customers with 24/7 operations that don’t allow for ‘dead air’. 

Our existing team is smart and passionate about their work.  And we want to keep it that way. So no matter how much we need to hire folks, everyone goes through a thorough technical interview.

We don’t expect the world in terms of skills and then try to song & dance you with the promise of stock options, future bonuses, and free snacks instead of a decent wage. We pay you a fair and competitive salary. 

Doesn’t everyone wish they were a part of that elusive group that gets to say “I was employee #15 at [insert well-known tech company name here]”? That’s why you should join Decoder now.

And of course we are located in Calgary’s Kensington neighborhood with convenient transit and in a newly renovated and modern space.

Job Description

You’re a Developer. You could work anywhere. Everyone and their dog is calling you, posting jobs for you and trying to catch your attention. We get it. And it concerns us because our company is in that sweet spot – we have customers that love what we do and we need to ramp up quickly. So we need you too. AND we have to cut through all the noise out there.


We don’t care if you are junior or senior – we are looking for talented polyglot developers who are excited about our business and interested in tackling the learning curve to be able to contribute and bring value to our team. The following are skills/experiences needed to do that:

Your background should include:

  • Proven software engineering talents
  • Solid knowledge and understanding of web architecture
  • Clear communication in code and in writing
  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Javascript / jQuery / Ajax / JSON
  • Experience with 1 or more cutting edge frameworks like Knockout.js, Backbone.js, etc.
  • Understanding of cross-browser / cross-platform compatibility issues
  • Experience with standard web, mobile web
  • Ability to work in a tightly integrated team environment with an agile development focus

Tell us if you:

  • Contribute or have contributed to an open source project
  • Launched your own iPhone, Android, Windows or Facebook app
  • Regularly read Hacker News – send us your username if you do
  • Made something cool with python, objective-c, html5, redis, zeromq, or mongrel
  • Bonus points for experience with ruby, node.js, API development, knowledge of SEO and implementation for new and existing sites, responsive design


Additional Information

Contact our gatekeeper at victoria@decoderhq.com.  We review all new emails daily and we thank you and appreciate your interest.  All your information will be kept confidential.