Inventory Analyst

  • Toledo, OH
  • Full-time

Company Description

We fundamentally believe that books exist to be read. Yet, many books collect dust on shelves, or live in darkened boxes. Even worse, it’s estimated that more than 2 billion pounds of books become waste each year. We help books achieve their greatest purpose by collecting and reselling them to other readers, donating books to those in need, or recycling used books to become another useful good with a new story to tell.

Job Description


The Inventory Analyst will effectively monitor all inventory with an emphasis in review and evaluation of all inventory quality control procedures and accuracy of inventory. The Inventory Analyst will work closely with the Warehouse Supervisor and Facility Manager to achieve the highest level of inventory control, quality control, and cost management to maximize profitability.

•Determine the best warehouse location available for product based on likelihood of aisle, seasonality, and capacity.
•Audit current inventory on all finished goods, provide feedback to warehouse personnel where improvements are needed.
•Audit items in recycling to ensure opportunities are not lost.
•Provide and document quality control and verify all finished goods are not defective. Review all errors with warehouse personnel and determine the proper corrective action.
•Identify, itemize and isolate defective, obsolete material.
•Communication with Segment Managers, Customer Service and SalesOps to determine possible future sales or recommendation for potential disposal.
•Weekly inspection of boxing to ensure all QC procedures are being followed.
•Weekly audits of raw material, ensure flow of raw material is adequate for production levels.
•Communication SalesOps and Finance to obtain product knowledge, product pricing, forecasts, availability and miscellaneous product information.

•A minimum of 5-10 year experience in inventory control, purchasing and warehouse management
•Microsoft Office and Data Entry experience
•Customer service focused, self-confident, intelligent and rational thinker
•Attention to detail
•Strong leadership skills
•Team Player who supports the overall best interests of Discover Books
•Excellent communication skills
•Strong work ethic and ability to work well under pressure

Competitive Salary commensurate with experience PLUS Benefits

•Bachelor degree in technical field is preferred but not required.