System Administrator

  • Harrisburg, PA
  • Full-time

Job Description

Under general supervision, performs Windows server technical administration and engineering functions.

This position will be primarily focused on Windows Server administration, along with
supporting various other technologies, and in addition, PC support. Evaluates identified
network needs and prepares recommended technical solutions. Troubleshoots and
resolves complex network problems.

1. Participates in Plan/Design overall architecture of
LAN/WAN networks including, but not limited to:
A. Provides detailed specifications and schematic engineering drawings for network enhancements and modifications. Develops documentation for configuration of all network components including setup, installation, and overall deployment of all network hardware and software.
B. Determines server sizing and configuration, printer configuration, bandwidth analysis and capacity planning.
C. Assists in the development of configuration standards.
D. Develops new procedures and forms to improve efficiency.

2. Provides assistance with installs or relocates for network equipment, such as routers, hubs, switches, or other network technology enhancements as needed.
A. Installs/de-installs devices on the network in Harrisburg and remote office sites.
B. Installs/configures servers and server software/drivers.
C. Installs and configures network printers.
D. Monitors the availability of updates/upgrades to all server hardware, tests and installs updates/upgrades.

3. Performs Network Management functions using various management and monitoring tools available including sophisticated network management systems.
A. Assists in analyzing and recommending software for monitoring and management of networks.
B. Monitors network performance and provides network statistics to identify capacity or performance problems and makes provides network statistics to identify capacity or performance problems and makes technical recommendations for appropriate action.

4. Provides direct support for network issues.
A. Proactively identifies and resolves problems.
B. Responds to network/server related trouble calls including hardware and software.
C. Develops procedures and scripts for Help Desk.
D. Employs software such as Remedy to report calls and call clearance.
E. Places service calls for servers and network equipment.
F. Assists service providers in resolving service calls.

5. Works directly with staff in coordination and deployment of projects.
A. Work with  partners and employees including IT coordinators in deployment activities.
B. Attend meetings with  developers, users, and partners.

6. Proactively plans for business continuity and disaster avoidance.
A. Creates/updates disaster recovery plans.
B. Participates in disaster recovery drills.

7. Provides support for PC workstations.

8. Provide all required information to assure a complete and accurate equipment inventory.
A. Receive, check in, and inventory equipment. Report all inventory transfers.
B. Report equipment model, serial numbers and warranty information to BIS equipment inventory coordinator.

9. Works closely with Application Teams to deploy code/applications through multiple environments.

10. Perform related duties as required.



1. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field or equivalent as well as a minimum of 3 years experience or Associates degree in
computer science or related field and 4 years of experience.
3. Specific knowledge required in the following areas: Windows Server 2003 & 2008 R2, IBM Lotus Domino Server, IBM WebSphere, MS SQL Server, network security
4. In-depth knowledge of PC operations, printer operations, file server operations, print server operations, and network operations.
5. Strong knowledge of Windows and Windows products, personal computer software set up and installation, PC connectivity products and PC hardware connectivity.
6. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access)
7. Demonstrated ability to establish and meet work schedules within limited time frames and under tight deadlines and a willingness to work off hours as the need arises in support of changes to the LANs and WANs.
8. Effective verbal communication skills are required to work with all levels of the organization including management, vendors, and various personnel. Effective writing skills are required in order to document work performed.
9. Superior interpersonal and customer service skills required including ability to work effectively in a team environment. High level of proficiency in effective problem solving required. Working Conditions Weekend, shift work, holiday, on-call, and overtime may be required. Work may require lifting equipment/supplies Work may require travel to and from the various  locations.