Web Developer

  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Part-time

Company Description

We are a private member-only social network for global families living abroad, to find and share local wisdom with like-minded cosmopolitan members.

Flocktree has been built from the ground up by real expatriate families which experienced these pressures and came out the other side. We have teamed up with HR and global mobility professionals to create a service that supports families at each stage of their relocation journey. We enable organizations to have a successful global talent strategy with lower costs, higher employee satisfaction and better retention.

Flocktree’s mission is to enable executives to become globally agile by helping families to “hit the ground running” in a new place. Executives and their families face multiple challenges when moving to a new city or country. Transferring jobs can be more straightforward than choosing a new home, finding new schools and healthcare providers, and building a new set of friends. The environment is often unfamiliar and decisions have to be made instantly. The overall experience can be lonely and stressful.

Flocktree provides a closed online community where experienced families can share their wisdom with newcomers. It enables new families to get a fast start as members of an established social network. They can access a wealth of “how to” resources; ask for guidance on hot topics; read and contribute advice on common pitfalls; and share their experiences, concerns and wonderful discoveries with highly qualified communities of interest.

Job Description

Our Flocktree beta has been built in Joomla (open source CMS). Using the optimal platform (WP, Joomla, ROR), we want the site to offer the best off-the shelf functionality available out there for community management, event management, content management, email marketing, geo-locations tracking, listings/directory/reviews, and member management. 

We are looking for a talented technical person to commence immediately a three month, a minimum of three months a week, to develop the next release of our site.  Our compensation is  equity preferred, partial project-based cash compensation negotiable

As a part of the project, you will evaluate and recommend the best solutions for our needs. You will build the site based on this solution.

At the end of this project, if there is mutual interest, we will offer you the tech lead role to join the core Flocktree team as a key early employee with significant equity. 


We are looking for a talented developer with a global outlook, who has attention to detail, creativity, and experience with current UI/UX standards, implementation of PHP developed front-end supported by HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX. On the back-end, you should know MySQL, be able to design core backend software components that are efficient, scalable and stable using PHP. You will also manage FTP uploads and website backup, reporting, hosting, security, and support on our live domain. Knowledge of SEO a plus.

Additional Information

If you'd like to know more about joining our team, please send your resume/CV and position of interest to susan@flocktree.com. 

Interested candidates should respond to  susan@flocktree.com with:

  1. Contact details
  2. Your foreign location
  3. Why you want this role (personal interest, need something to do, leverages your blog, other)
  4. What makes you suited to being a good liaison (professional and expat experience)
  5. How long you have been at this location
  6. Expected duration of stay

If you have a blog, a resume/CV, or other background information to share, please send those as well.