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Company Description

Closure Systems International, Inc. (CSI) is a global leader in plastic and aluminum closure design, manufacturing and high speed capping equipment / application systems. Approximately 90+ billion closures are produced annually in CSI's 25+ manufacturing sites, strategically located in 20+ countries throughout the globe.

CSI integrates innovative closure technology, high-performance equipment and expert technical services and training support to help customers all over the world maximize their profits. These integrated closure and capping solutions deliver a total system of unsurpassed customer value and reliability. 

Job Description



The principle challenge of this position is to monitor and audit Standard Operating Procedures in the area of Quality SOP’s, operating and containment procedures, and troubleshooting guidelines to ensure execution of SOP’s. Auditing manufacturing processes, through checks of product in molding, scoring, lining and printing. Auditing, documenting such as findings, including the above and in addition to defects and defect levels, electronic gages, and using tolls for a problem solving strategy. Will include operations of pull test fixtures in the lab, video microscope and analytical balance, input of data, making of charts and simple analysis, histograms, paretos, X-bar & R, X-bar & s P Charts, and NP Charts.


Hearing and eye protection, hair net, facemask (if has facial hair), gloves to match work tasks, ANSI Z41 approved safety shoes.


Must demonstrate above average communication skills.

Possesses a high attention span and ability to focus on finding defects.

Utilizes excellent decision-making and follow-up techniques.

Lead by example supporting company values and OPEX principles.

Consult the Help Chain with quality issues.

Demonstrate a high level of safety & housekeeping standards for self and others.

Maintain and drive good 5S practices.

Perform daily housekeeping duties and audits.

Communicate with other auditors/RPSs in your area at shift change.

Self-motivated; pulls Help Chain as needed to keep the process flowing.

Essential Job Functions-Behaviors:

Essential Job Functions

O Pushing/ Pulling: Carts on concrete floor a maximum of 180 feet. Carts have hard rubber wheels 5” in diameter (1cart with 9” diameter air inflated rubber wheels). Minimal resistance to overcome with pushing/pulling of cart, even when fully loaded with buckets of closures to be tested.

C Neck Flexion: Sustained and or intermittent while performing visual inspections (and related job functions) to approximately 40 degrees. Greatest duration sustained neck flexion would be

O Bending: Brief duration of sustained forward bending, maximum duration of 4 second, must bend up to 90 degrees at hips and trunk while standing to collect and dump closures, perform inspection related tasks, and to fill colorant container.

F Reaching: In heights ranging from 5” to 65”

O Climbing: Must ascend and descend 4-9 1/2” steps with side rails to dump colorant in bin, 1 repetition per cycle on average. Must ascend and descend 2-5” steps without side rails to do visual check of pellet at molder, 1 repetition per cycle.

O Grasping: Stacks of pre-formed boxes, standard is 4 boxes, each stack of 4 measures approximately 1 ½” thick.

F Pinching: Knobs, controls, writing utensils, plastic closures and related materials from 1/8” to 1 ¼” in diameter.

O Finger Isolation: Machine controls, computer mouse, date entry.

IV. Physical Job Demands ( per 12 hour shift): 100%)

R=Rarely O=Occasionally(1-33%) F= Frequently(34-66%) C=Continuously(67-100%)

C Sitting: On cushioned chair with back support and armrests while performing visual inspections and related work tasks. May sit for continuously as long as 20 minutes

O Standing: On concrete surface, brief intervals of less than 1 to 2 minutes duration intermittently throughout cycle.

O Walking: 12-19 minutes per cycle on concrete surface, average distance 180 feet.

O Lifting: As much as 11# from 5” to approximately 62”. Lift plastic colorant container and stacks of flat boxes (standard = 4 boxes per lift for a total of 9#/lift

O Carrying: Plastic buckets / plastic containers ranging in weight from 2# to 11# a maximum of 70 feet.



Basic reading and writing skills to effect production reporting. Will receive further training to learn established quality standards and production processes. A high school diploma or GED is required. The job should be performed by someone who has experience with and is familiar with the inspecting process and quality standards. With this experience and on-the-job training, the job should be performed in an acceptable manner within two to four years. Must have above average communication skills. Must have a high attention span. Must have decision-making abilities and follow-up techniques. Knowledge of CSI Quality process. Must receive passing status on all pre-employment testing (Work Keys)

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