Relationship Manager, Lead/Director (REMOTE)

  • 3182 Campus Dr, San Mateo, CA 94403, USA
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

You get too much irrelevant email. Gated is a free solution that diverts email from unknown senders and challenges them to make a donation if they want to reach your inbox. This simple tool helps users love email again… and do a bit of good along the way.  

At a higher level, Gated is on a mission to help users focus on what matters most and create positive impact in the world.  We are looking for a dynamic, forward-thinking marketer to help build our brand’s presence and build a passionate user community.

Three main reasons you'll want to work at Gated: 

  1. Social Impact -  We’re solving one of the big problems of the workplace (the tyranny of the inbox) and building a product that helps people focus on what matters most to them... all while supporting nonprofits!
  2. Traction - We have market fit,  vocal product advocates, and compelling monetization.  We’ve also got the backing of incredible investors - including some of the top CEOs and technical leaders in the world. (We’ll share a list as part of the interview process.)

  3. Team - The Gated team is both passionate and experienced.  Our CEO has led growth at three $1B companies.  Our Head of Marketing worked at Google with some of the world’s largest brands.  Our Head of Engineering has 20 years of experience across architecture, product, and strategy.  Plus, you’ll be able to tap into our extraordinary network of advisors, investors, and advocates.

Job Description

Gated helps users love their inbox again.  

User engagement is critical to our success and we are looking for a leader with experience engaging individual users, turning them into champions, and driving expansion across accounts. We want someone who is as passionate as we are about productivity and our vision for a better world of communication.

You will have the opportunity to shape a solution and brand that is changing communications.   This role will own the user relationship which includes. 

  • Onboarding:   Gated is easy to use and, once users are live, there is a relatively low level of ongoing support needed.  The focus with onboarding will be on using data-driven triggers to engage users at scale.

  • User Engagement:  Our users are passionate fans.  Use data to discover what will engage them and turn them into champions for Gated

  • Expansion:  Use data to drive adoption across companies. (i.e. Turn one Gated user into many, at a company)

The role begins as an IC “roll-up-the-sleeves” role, but we are looking for someone who can hire and lead a team.  


We are hiring for mindset over specific experience.  This ideal skill set for this role is a combination of customer success engagement and account expansion.  We’re looking for someone who has a bias towards solving problems with systems and data.   

The role requires someone who is proactive and flexible, excited to roll-up-their sleeves as part of a startup team… but also poised to become a strategic leader as Gated grows. 

The ideal candidate would be at a Lead/Director level today but we are also open to more junior or senior candidates.  We will work with the right candidate to create a compelling package of cash and equity.

Additional Information

Location can be anywhere in North America.  Gated is a fully-remote company with remote DNA.