Beer Barons/Baronesses

  • San Diego, CA
  • Part-time

Job Description

We are BPong.  Maybe you’ve heard of us, we throw the biggest beer pong competition in the world: The World Series of Beer Pong ( We also sell the same regulation and tournament grade goods that we use at the WSoBP. When it comes to beer pong, we’re pretty much king and we are ready to start knighting those of you who show dedication and love to the greatest drinking sport of all time.  

We currently have openings for ambassador gigs, event hosting gigs, and wheeler and dealer gigs. All we ask is that you love beer pong as much as we do and can hustle almost anyone into playing a round with you. Honestly, you need to think twice about who you’re hanging out with if you can’t get them to play beer pong.

Got a dope personality and a ridiculously huge network of friends who enjoy drinking sports? Click here to apply for an Ambassador position:

Got everything an ambassador does, but also a kickass background in getting events together? Click here to apply for an Event Host position:

Do you hang out at restaurants and bars far more than what is healthy or acceptable? The owners pretty much know you by name? We know that feeling. Click here to apply for a Wheeler and Dealer position:

Sink it and drink it!

-King Pong

Additional Information

Application Instructions:

Apply for this job through our customized link here: