Medical Coder/Biller PT/FT, Primary Care, Northbrook, IL

  • 1122 Willow Road, Northbrook, IL
  • Full-time

Company Description

Heal n Cure ( is a Primary Care Physician's Office.  We provide outpatient, medical wellness and weight loss care. 80% of patients are commercial PPO insurance covered. Rest are from Medicare or self-pay. Our billing is fully electronic,  through our EMR, and we are current with ICD-10

Please Note:

This can be a part-time(20Hrs) or full-time position (40Hrs), depending on candidate preference. 

Strong preference for candidates living within a short commute of Northbrook, IL

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Job Description

The job requires both medical coding and billing skills. The job needs to be performed on-site. Required prior knowledge and training of ICD-10

Medical Coding
• Responsible for translating healthcare providers’ diagnostic and procedural phrases into coded form in EMR
• Reviewing and analyzing health records to identify relevant diagnoses and procedures for distinct patient encounters.
• Interacting  with the healthcare provider to ensure terms are translated correctly.and the appropriate diagnostic and procedural codes are assigned.

Medical Billing
• Using coded data to produce and submit claims from EMR to insurance companies
• Working directly with the insurance company, healthcare provider, and patient to get a claim processed and paid
• Reviewing and appealing unpaid and denied claims in EMR and on insurer's Portals
• Verifying patients’ insurance coverage
• Answering patients’ billing questions
• Handling collections on unpaid accounts
• Managing the facility’s Accounts Receivable reports
• Compiling and sending unpaid claims to collection agencies if needed, using Excel spreadsheet.
• Collecting insurance information and copays.
• Collect deductibles/copays using credit card.

Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor and/or director


* Strong preference for candidates living within a short commute to Northbrook, IL

Current certification in billing preferred.

Similar past work experience with an outpatient Medical Center for primary care, would be a plus. 

Candidate must have strong EMR, internet, email, computer and telephone handling skills.
Candidate must have strong interpersonal skills, be a team player, strong patient focus.

Additional Information

How To Apply:
Note: To expedite your application, kindly provide all the information requested.

How To Apply:
Please mention the following. You may cut/paste the following in a message or on a separate page on  your resume. (Reply NA if not applicable)
* Are you Board Certified?
* Please list your Board Certification(s)
* Medical Licensure - Are you licensed to practice in Illinois?
* Availability for phone or skype interview (15 mins)
* Preference FT or PT?
* Hours/days available in case of PT
* Desired hourly/annual salary
* In how many weeks would you be able to join?
* Availability for personal interview
* How long is your commute to Northbrook, IL in miles/minutes?

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