Medical Assistant (MA) - 2 yrs Diet/Nutrition/Lifestyle/Exercise counseling exp. Northbrook,IL

  • Northbrook, US, Northbrook, IL
  • Full-time

Company Description

Please Note:

Please be aware of your commute to Northbrook, IL so you are able reach the office at 8:00am.  Thanks.

Heal n Cure ( specializes in medical wellness. Our award-winning team of board  certified clinicians offers unmatched learning and experience in managing and reversing all modifiable health risk factors. Our Team was featured at Huffington Post Learn the Future of Medicine Form meaningful, long lasting patient-provider relationships, to deliver the right treatment with care, and to provide patients relief from  risks/symptoms of 35+ different chronic problems Heal n Cure's Quality of Care - Recognized by Institutions. We have received the Top Tier recognition for quality of care and cost efficiency from all major insurance companies. Transformative, Life Changing Care Appreciated by Patients

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Job Description

Heal n Cure invites Medical Assistant
(MA  or CMA ) / Lifestyle Educator for an outpatient Medical Center, at Northbrook, Illinois
(Chicago's Northern Suburb). Both Full-Time and Part-Time (20-30 hrs)

Primary : Explaining our Nutrition and Exercise Plans to patients.
Secondary :

  • Taking patient medical history and vitals,
  • Preparing patients for examination,
  • Giving vaccines/injections,
  • Blood draw,
  • Perform EKG (preferred),
  • Printing test reports from a computer,
  • Working with Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Filing patient charts,
  • managing front desk,
  • Scheduling appointments on a computer,
  • Emailing,
  • Verifying and collecting insurance information and copays on payor portals
  • Collect deductibles/copays using credit card.
  • Calling patients on the phone.


Minimum of 2  Years of Experience Required working in Illinois, in an outpatient wellness, weight loss clinic.  Must have experience counseling patients on proper lifestyle choices, about Diet/Nutrition/Physical Activity/Exercise choices.

  • Candidate must have strong interpersonal skills, be a team player, phlebotomy experience desired, strong patient focus, internet, email, computer and telephone handling skills.

  • Please be aware of your commute to Northbrook, IL so you are able reach the office at 8:00am.

  • Position requires working upto 7PM 2 days a week, and on some Saturday mornings.

Additional Information

How To Apply:

Click “I’m Interested” on this job portal


Email to CAREERS at Mention the job opportunity "MA-Lifestyle Educator" in Subject line

Please make sure to attach resume and cut/paste the following answers in a message/cover letter/email

(Reply NA if not applicable)

* How many years experience do you have in weight loss/wellness counseling? With which employer?

* How many years experience do you have in nutrition counseling? With which employer?

* How many years experience do you have in exercise counseling? With which employer?

* Availability for phone or skype interview (15 mins)

* Preference FT or PT?

* Hours/days available in case of PT

* Expected hourly/annual salary range

* In how many weeks would you be able to join?

* Availability for personal interview

* How long is your commute to Northbrook, IL in miles/minutes?

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