Senior Designer - Attractions

  • Amsterdam, China
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description


Job Description

At, we believe travel is a force for good in the world, connecting people and cultures, reducing barriers and increasing understanding. Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to experience the world. We make this possible by allowing everyone to book their entire trip with The Attractions business vertical is part of the Trips Business Unit where we are making a connected trip possible for our customers. Attractions focuses on the wide variety of attractions, tours, and activities available at destinations around the world. We aim to make it easier for our customers to find, book, and experience any attraction at unbeatable value. Moreover, we believe that the value Attractions creates for our customers goes beyond the practical: after all, it is our products that have the most potential to really make a trip. As travel returns, we are looking for a Senior UX Designer to join our growing team.

As a Senior UX Designer for Attractions, you will be driving processes to shape and optimize the traveler experience so more people can easily experience the uniqueness of destinations around the world. You will own the end-to-end design process from discovery and research, to experimentation and implementation. You will also collaborate with innovative teams across the company to push design systems and frameworks forward. With a passionate team of UX designers, product managers, developers, data analysts, copy writers, researchers and more, you will create a seamless multi-platform experience to drive traveler engagement, bookings and make it easier for travelers to experience the best activities a destination has to offer in the most seamless way possible.



  • Responsible for overall product design quality in their area; utilizes user-centered design concepts, tools and techniques to enable and continuously advance outcomes
  • Demonstrates advanced and up to date knowledge of product design processes, product features and underlying technologies across teams and tracks, as well as a solid understanding of the larger business context of their product area and how it applies
  • Effectively utilizes a variety of research and data to better understand and design for user needs and to inform design decisions, validate hypotheses and document insights; 
  • Seeks out timely feedback and critique as fuel to improve design solutions and strategy; proactively seek out collaboration and co-design opportunities in order to provide holistic user experiences and show willingness to iterate to define and refine solutions.
  • Communicates effectively, candidly, collaboratively and constructively so that team objectives are met and rapport and trust are established
  • Involving peers at relevant stages for ideation, craft-specific expertise and decision making, autonomously completes complex objectives, identifies opportunities and generates product ideas; regularly devises tests and/or processes to evaluate alternatives and recommend solutions
  • Acts consistently as an advocate for end user needs and perspectives in product area discussions, reviews, and critiques; actively sustains an ongoing awareness and consideration of ethical design practices across teams and tracks, both in terms of internal collaborative processes and user-facing outcomes
  • Always keeps all our customers (travelers, partners and business) at the heart of design decisions. Demonstrates applied understanding of Booking's values, brand standards, design systems, principles and guidelines and makes sure they are reflected in all deliverables; keeping our commitment to making travel accessible, inclusive and sustainable for everyone across the globe always at the forefront
  • Proactively helps others develop, champion and refine ideas or initiatives that address user and/or business needs inside and outside their area of direct responsibility; mentors and coaches designers within their track
  • Actively participates in product networks and the craft community outside of their own track; contributes to the craft community and company wide efforts where needed (e.g. knowledge sharing, collaborative projects, recruitment efforts, etc.)


Core Skills

  • Creativity and curiosity - A creative problem solver with a deep curiosity about our industry, customers, business and product.
  • Strong Problem Solver - Ability to identify and analyze issues, problems or opportunities to achieve desired outcomes, by applying structured thinking and to break down issues to form a logical train of thought that can be followed and understood by others.
  • Proactive and autonomous - Actively seeks out new opportunities, identifies areas of improvements, devises plans and scopes and prioritizes efforts, keeping impact, feasibility and greater team objectives at the forefront 
  • Excellent degree of communication skills -  Being able to effectively communicate both the strategic vision and specific details to various stakeholders, from senior leadership to individual project members. Being able to write clear and concise product requirements, status updates, and product results.
  • Excellent degree of analytical skills - Able to interpret data and trends, diagnose problems, and recommend effective action plans to resolve issues.
  • Strong teamwork and collaboration skills with the ability to achieve mutually agreeable solutions by staying adaptable, communicating ideas in clear coherent language, and practicing active listening.
  • Ability to thrive and work in a fast-paced, results driven environment with multiple responsibilities, whilst also taking the time for personal reflection and growth on individual and product skills.


  • 6+ years of relevant User Experience Design experience, with at least some of it being specifically Product Design focused. 
  • A compelling portfolio showcasing the successful delivery of high quality design solutions, from ideation to product release and ongoing testing / improvements 
  • Demonstrated experience with creating viable design solutions for complex issues and elaborate user needs, preferably in the context of large-scale, multi-platform, global digital products
  • Demonstrated high level knowledge of various digital platforms and relevant technologies. In-depth familiarity with the latest trends and best practices in user experience design.
  • Expert proficiency in design and prototyping tools (Sketch, Figma).
  • Experience with, and understanding of end-to-end production and project management processes.
  • Operational understanding of Accessibility and ability to incorporate accessibility in global products.
  • Experience working in a diverse multi-product team environment with inter-team dependencies.
  • Demonstrated experience in sizing opportunities and translating them into products, features and processes that deliver value.
  • Knowledge and experience in the travel and/or e-commerce industry is a plus.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.


  • Living and working in Amsterdam, one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe
  • Co