Verizon Engagement Manager Huntingting Beach, CA

  • Huntington Beach, CA
  • Contract

Company Description

We are a direct sales company that talks to customers every day. We design and staff individual marketing campaigns that help today's companies compete in an ultra-competitive environment. With so many types of advertising bombarding today's customers, there is a premium on a company's ability to directly approach a customer. Our sales teams and processes maximize our client's ability to talk to customers face to face and gain market share.
Our company's partners have over 50 years in sales, sales training, and corporate management experience and have created a corporate culture that is based on positive motivation and measured performance goals. We reward performance with industry leading compensation and reward plans and create a management career path that ensures unparalleled employee loyalty. Our needs based selling approach ensures that our client's potential revenue is being maximized with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our clients know that their customers are being presented with the most professional and customer friendly approach possible in today's market. We have a robust direct sales training program which is designed to accelerate excellent product knowledge and to develop consultative selling skills.
The strength of our corporate culture, training systems, and our data management systems give us the foundation to mobilize and manage multiple markets.

Job Description

Overview: The Engagement Manager (EM) program was developed for the purpose of helping current and potential Verizon customers choose the best television, data, and voice package available to them. It is a relationship/sales program that is focused strictly on multiple dwelling units (MDU), typically higher end apartment buildings and condominiums. The primary job for an (EM) is to build a strong relationship with the complex manager and or Home Owners Association. The EM, with this relationship, is able to provide the best service available to the building or community. Your goal is to be the main point of contact for all FIOS sales that are generated in the building and you will be compensated for all new television and data units sold directly by you.

Daily Responsibilities:
As an EM you will be responsible for the following activities as directed by your Verizon Coach:
• Event scheduling within the properties you manage.
• Relationship building with the property managers assigned to you.
• Sales and marketing of the building(s) assigned to you.
• Customer service for any issues the property may be currently experiencing related to FIOS service.
• Create ways to generate sales and increase Verizon FIOS penetration within the properties you are assigned.
• Work closely with the Verizon Coaches, staff and Image management to increase sales production.

The Program:
The Verizon EM is the best supported program in all of FIOS throughout the country. When you become an EM with Image Direct Sales for Verizon FIOS you will be fully supported in every way. Once you have completed your training you will be provided with the following materials to assist you in being a successful EM:
• Business Cellphone (provided by Verizon)
• Business Netbook (provided by Verizon)
• Verizon Shirts (provided by Image Direct)
• Business Cards (provided by Image Direct)
• Event Materials (provided by Image Direct and Verizon)
• Expense Account for Events (provided by Image Direct)
• Marketing material (provided by Image Direct and Verizon)

As an Engagement Manager you will be paid weekly for your Salary plus commissions on your sales.


  • Full-time (Contract Partner)
  • Must be 18 years or older with a valid Driver's License
  • Must be able to clear a thorough background and drug test
  • Must have transportation
  • Must have field experience.
  • Must have relationship sales experience