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  • Full-time

Company Description


Since we began in 1979, we have experienced consistently high growth rates. Now, in response to very high market demand and record-setting billings, we are reinvesting in our firm by adding key people to our specialized recruiting teams. Our recruiters are consistently recognized locally, statewide, and throughout the country as top performers. In addition, the average tenure at our firm is among the highest in the industry. We believe that is because of our professional environment and our superior compensation, incentive, recognition, benefits, training, and support programs.

"Being a recruiter at Richard, Wayne and Roberts means achieving high earnings
and rewards for attracting top talent to meet the exacting requirements of our
clients and for helping candidates achieve their career goals." (Neal Hirsch-Managing Partner))

Job Description

If you’ve never worked as a recruiter, you might be interested in what a recruiter has to do. At Richard, Wayne & Roberts, a typical day consists of scheduling appointments, making cold calls, screening candidates, checking references, helping candidates prepare for interviews, rewriting resumés, negotiating agreements, interacting with coworkers, identifying candidates for job openings, presenting job opportunities to potential candidates, and promoting candidates to fellow recruiters and clients.

On top of all that, our recruiters keep up with their chosen industry or discipline. This means staying on top of technological advancements, new venture startups, mergers and acquisitions, and more, by reading papers and trade journals and talking with others in your field. You not only need to keep up with your clients, you need to know what their competition is doing and where the entire industry is headed. That’s how you earn a client’s respect and confidence.

You cannot be afraid of long hours, including late nights and some weekends. Recruiting is not always a neat 9-to-5 time-clock career. If candidates cannot speak freely at their current jobs, you will need to be available on evenings or weekends to accommodate them.


We are looking for both experienced recruiters and motivated individuals with business or sales experience. Our recruiters come from many backgrounds—technical sales, management, human resources, legal, engineering, and accounting, and many are recent MBA graduates. If you are looking for high earnings and an opportunity to positively influence the lives of fellow professionals, please contact me via email and include a copy of your resume. David Gibson

Additional Information

What does it take to succeed in recruiting?

Many people are attracted to recruiting as a profession because the financial rewards can be outstanding; our best recruiters consistently earn well up in six figures. But, these rewards don’t come easily, because recruiting is demanding work. Over the years at Richard, Wayne & Roberts, we’ve seen that successful recruiters all share some common traits. They are hardworking, dynamic, and tenacious. A temporary setback doesn’t get them down, it makes them more resolute. They have drive and ambition, directed by a desire to succeed and become respected by others in their field. Successful recruiters also have good problem-solving and investigative skills and good communications and diplomatic abilities. Finally, they have a solid work ethic and are self-motivated.


Is recruiting a respected profession?

Yes, despite all you might have heard about “headhunters”. Our recruiters specialize in a business segment or industry, literally becoming an accepted part of that industry. They work hard to understand its ups and downs, its language, and its market structure. In time, they also become intimately familiar with each client company’s corporate culture and personnel needs. They become an indispensable link in the hiring process between clients and candidates, an expert who sees that process from both sides and offers guidance that leads to win-win hiring decisions. Our clients pay well for this service, because they have learned that we give them their money’s worth.

As you build your own network of client companies and potential candidates, you will establish your own reputation for finding and recognizing outstanding prospects for important jobs and for following through from start to finish. Your clients will be happy to hear from you when you call, because they have confidence that you can help them succeed.


Is training important?

Even people with ideal recruiting skill sets still must learn and use some important, proven techniques. At Richard, Wayne & Roberts, you’ll receive the best training in the recruiting industry. After an initial orientation, during which you decide what your specialty will be, you’ll spend several months working side-by-side with one of our senior recruiters, who will help you start building your own network of resources. Even after you become part of a specialty team, you get to participate in weekly training sessions that help you develop and refine your skills. We do all we can to help you succeed.


Who will be your clients?

At Richard, Wayne & Roberts, we recruit for a wide variety of companies, from international Fortune 500 corporations with tens of thousands of employees to small business ventures in which a few key people do it all. You’ll work with top-level executives and managers at every level to solve staffing needs. With your in-depth knowledge of your field, you will gradually become an integral part of your clients’ hiring process, developing job descriptions and candidate profiles, and advising on offers. You will be qualified to identify individual candidates that best suit an organization and negotiate offers between the two.


What our recruiters say about Richard, Wayne & Roberts

“I have the ability to earn a substantial income while doing a job I truly enjoy.”

“I get to work closely with topnotch executive recruiters who are known throughout the country.”

“The company not only provides a platform for employees to meet their financial goals, but also an enjoyable work environment that encourages people to grow.”

“Management has been overwhelmingly supportive in meeting our needs in terms of training, supplies, and updated equipment.”

“Richard, Wayne & Roberts has an excellent reputation in the marketplace.”

“I feel as if I have my own company, without the stress of owning my own company.”

“Management applauds my successes and is patient through my failures.”

“Everyone here wants you to succeed, and my fellow recruiters are generous with their time.”

“Richard, Wayne & Roberts offers the best training in the nation. Period.”

“There are plenty of mentors to choose from.”

“My job is never dull. Each day is different. I continue to grow and refine myself.”

“The incentive programs and contests make work fun.”

“The atmosphere here breeds success.”

“The company has an excellent reputation and name recognition.”

“We work hard and play hard.”

“We are given all the tools we need to be successful.”

“I am challenged to win company-paid trips, quarterly contests, and additional financial incentives for doing what I like to do: my job.”