Personal Assistant - No degree required, only experience and hard work. Click here

  • Lexington, KY
  • Full-time

Company Description

Based in Australia, Interactive Health Technologies brings together the latest in interactive digital technology to health providers. Our team consists of health and life-science focussed designers, programmers, writers, copywriters, legal and technical experts who work together to help businesses and organizations in the health-industry more effectively using the latest in digital media. 


Job Description

Are you a HARD worker? Do you have DISCIPLINE? Can you figure things out for yourself without being told? Are you a tinkerer, a fiddler, someone who can teach themselves? Are you self-taught? Are you innovative? Smart? Bursting with ideas? Begging your bosses to see how productive you are and promote you but they never do? Do you know a little about this and a little about that? Do you have some schooling or maybe just a lot of experience in management or office work? Are you a perfectionist? Do you work until it's done right? Can you work without having to be micromanaged?

If you answered yes to most of these questions then we're looking for you! We are sick of people who waste our time, resources, and patience. We are sick of people who waive their degrees in our faces and then sit on their duffs. We're SICK of people who can't figure out simple things and constantly pad their hours. 

We want people who can make a difference and we don't play office games. We recognize and promote talent and hard work quickly. We won't ever refuse to promote just because you're a good producer. We want a good producer managing for us!

We have an opening for a Personal Assistant/Executive Assistant of the highest quality. Pay is by trial only ($8.00 an hour) for the first 1-3 months or until you prove yourself. After that, a $1-2 an hour raise. 6 months later, another $1-2 raise. After a year? If you've proved yourself then you could be a project manager or other position within IHT.

This is mostly a work from home position. Physical meetings will be in Lexington 1-2x a week until end of summer. At that point we will have a physical office location and will meet in the office 3-5 times a week based on workload and staffing needs.

We recognize talent and promote from within. We need someone in this position immediately so reply today!


Minimum skills needed for position:

- 60+ WPM typing speed

- Fast 10 key

- Proof-reading Skills

- Microsoft Excel Skills

- Ability to speak and write English (proper grammar and dictation)

- Some web design/marketing experience a bonus

- Coordinating with project managers

- Friendly disposition

- Sense of humor

- Some management skills or experience

- Project management skills are a bonus

- Problem solver

- An organizational mind

- Quick learner

- Ability to multi-task

- Able to follow directions

- Feels comfortable asking for more clarity with directions or information given

- Pay attention to details

- Knowledge of the medical field is a bonus

Additional Information

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.