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Company Description

Interlochen Center for the Arts is the recipient of the National Medal of Arts and the only organization in the world that brings together: a 2,500-student summer camp program; a 500-student fine arts boarding high school; opportunities for hundreds of adults to engage in fulfilling artistic and creative programs; two 24-hour listener-supported public radio stations (classical music and news); more than 600 arts presentations annually by students, faculty and world-renowned guest artists; a global alumni base spanning eight decades, including leaders in arts and all other endeavors. For information, visit Interlochen online

Interlochen Center for the Arts MISSION

To engage and inspire people worldwide through excellence in educational, artistic and cultural programs, enhancing the quality of life through the universal language of the arts.



To ignite lifelong passion for the arts



Nurturing, Inspiring,Transforming, Enlightening and Enduring


Interlochen Center for the Arts includes:

Interlochen Arts Academy

Interlochen Arts Academy, a fine arts boarding high school, offers the highest quality artistic training combined with comprehensive college-preparatory academics. The Academy also offers post-graduate opportunities.

Interlochen Arts Camp

Young artists from around the world gather at Interlochen each summer to learn, create and perform alongside leading artists and instructors. Programs are offered to students in grades three through twelve.

Interlochen College of Creative Arts

Adult artists thrive on opportunities to learn and express themselves creatively. The College of Creative Arts offers programs in a variety of arts disciplines.

Interlochen Public Radio

Classical Music: 88.7 FM, Interlochen; 88.5 FM, Mackinaw City; 94.7 FM, Traverse City and 100.9 FM, East Jordan/Charlevoix

News Radio: 91.5 FM, Traverse City; 90.1 FM, Harbor Springs/Petoskey; 89.7 FM, Manistee/Ludington

Streaming online at  Through two listener-supported broadcast services, Interlochen Public Radio (IPR) connects northwest Michigan with arts, news and culture on a global scale. IPR also gives significant focus to local and regional news, information and artists.

Interlochen Presents

Interlochen brings dozens of world-renowned artists to northwest Michigan, enhancing the region’s position on the global arts map. Interlochen presents more than 600 events each year by students, faculty and guest artists, making Interlochen one of the nation’s largest arts presenters.

Job Description

Interlochen Center for the Arts seeks a creative, visionary and strategic leader in public media to lead its award winning network of classical music and news services (Interlochen Public Radio) into its second half century. The next General Manager will transform IPR into Interlochen Public Media, continuing to serve our local and regional radio audiences, while creating and sharing multimedia content more broadly to leverage Interlochen Center for the Art’s position on the international stage as a potent force in the arts.

The successful candidate must, above all, have a passion for public media and the arts, and a vision for their role in society now and the future. The General Manager will conceive, plan, articulate, and lead all aspects of a comprehensive public media and engagement program, bringing new ideas, content and leadership to both news and music programming, and in audience engagement. Candidates must possess at least a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field with a demonstrated track record of progressive leadership experience and innovation in public broadcasting organizations. The General Manager must be able to easily and competently articulate the needs of public broadcasting to constituents, employees, administration and trustees, donors, friends and listeners and put those needs into action.  S/he must be open to building relationships with national public media outlets and arts organizations that support and grow the vision for Interlochen Public Media.

A nationally competitive salary and benefit package is being offered, commensurate with experience and qualifications.


During a major institution-wide visioning effort in 2010-11, President Jeffrey Kimpton and the Interlochen Board of Trustees affirmed that the future of Interlochen required a worldwide digital/media footprint. The Vision for Interlochen lists four goals, and one, using a long-time metaphor associated with our campus between two lakes, clearly creates a mandate for all things digital and media:

 “Interlochen is as powerful between the oceans as it is between the lakes.”

A working task force of national leaders in public broadcasting, digital media and ICA administrative and trustee leadership met during the first months of 2012, citing the unusual capacity that Interlochen has as an institution, with content generation, a distribution vehicle (IPR) and the next generation of radio/media listeners in our 3400 students that annually attend classes. ICA also conducted an external review with two national leaders in public broadcasting, who identified new growth strategies to fulfill the mandate from the Vision. To facilitate the fulfillment of that vision, ICA has restructured the organization to support that important goal, merging IPR, communications, marketing, Information Technology and adult education into a potent force intended to maximize the power of Interlochen “out of the woods.” 


  1. The next General Manager will need to transform IPR into IPMedia. This leader will have to navigate the contemporary world of public broadcasting as it shifts into a multi-media format distributing content of all kinds around the globe, from regular local broadcasts and reporting to special topic series, podcasts, streaming, video, each developed to specifically engage more and different audiences, not just the local audience. 
  2. Interlochen Center for the Arts (ICA) is rich in content and is a magnet for the world’s artists and educators: the new General Manager will need to establish IPMedia as an important link between ICA and the world’s arts and cultural audience while continuing to serve its loyal local audience.  
  3. The new General Manager will need to work closely with the ICA Advancement team, specifically the Director of Development for IPM, to realize a growth strategy and maintain a sustainable and self sufficient financial model.


Reporting to the Vice President for Communications and Engagement, the General Manager will:

  • Create and communicate the vision for public media at Interlochen, and develop a strategic, entrepreneurial, and focused plan for programming, listener engagement, generational outreach, and content distribution for both news and music formats
  • Embrace IPM’s unique position as part of a multi-faceted center for the arts and partner with other senior leaders and departments (Presentations, artistic directors) across the institution to create programming and multi-media content that leverages the rich resources on the Interlochen campus, andmine and strengthen the global partnerships available to us as a leading, international arts organization with a strong media arm
  • Create and champion an arts journalism and reporting function that straddles the music and news services. Leverage the strengths of the institution to establish Interlochen as a vital and central global voice for the arts through multi-platform channels
  • Build important bridges and relationships between and among internal constituents regardless of campus location
  • Demonstrate skills and capacities in a progressive series of positions that provide evidence of leadership and experience appropriate for the position
  • Bring a comprehensive understanding of public media today, leveraging national data and contacts to raise the profile of IPM at all levels, and with it the Interlochen brand as a world arts destination and public media pioneer
  • Understand both news and classical music formats, ways to maximize cross-over audiences, and develop compelling programming schedules 
  • Balance the need for reporting local and regional news while connecting coverage to a broader, national and international topics of conversation
  • Possess significant public media marketing knowledge with experience in augmenting local, national and international audiences, audience and generational segmentation, development of communication vehicles, social media and digital distribution channels
  • Effectively communicate in written, spoken formats; at ease in social situations to convey the vision and needs of IPM and public media at ICA in our region and world
  • Possess a sense of humor and pragmatism that can motivate staff, ICA employees, listeners, donors and trustees in support of the mission of public broadcasting at Interlochen
  • Work closely with the Director of Development for IPM to maximize fundraising opportunities both on-air and off, developing new methods and options for philanthropic support


 Leadership: We seek an enthusiastic leader, passionate about public media and the arts, with a compelling vision for Interlochen Public Media (IPM) and Interlochen Center for the Art’s (ICA) “Between the Oceans” strategy. This individual will be entrepreneurial, collaborative and externally focused, helping IPM and ICA become a more significant institution.

  • Has great people skills, including being able to flex her or his style, comfortable and effective at engaging a wide range of stakeholders with diverse outlooks – from a single member to high-end donors and members of the ICA community;
  • Is selfless - puts the mission of ICA and IPM first;
  • Is a collaborative, consultative employee, peer and supervisor, an active relationship developer;
  • Has an open style, but is also an effective decision-maker and change agent;
  • Leads from the front – comfortable with and knows when to be hands-on for the sake of the team, including in identifying organizational obstacles and facilitating their resolution;
  • Is charismatic – has a presence people can connect with, and makes interactions about the other person and not him or herself

 Industry knowledge: Given the complex and changing media and public media environment, the ideal candidate will have knowledge of and preferably experience with both public and digital media, coupled with the skills, experience and vision to drive changes as our operating environment continues to change:

  • A high level of understanding of dynamics, issues and trends in news and music formats, in public media and trends in delivery and consumption of media;
  • Is technologically competent, comfortable with/aware of digital media, and able to provide effective leadership towards identifying and adopting new platforms.
  • If coming from outside public radio, commitment to, passion for and knowledge of public radio (listener, financial contributor);

 Strategic Focus: Powerful understanding of and use of strategy in organizational life:

  • Knowledgeable of (or able to quickly learn) dynamics affecting current and future environment of ICA and IPM, including population, technology and media consumption trends in Northern Michigan and the rest of the Nation and world, and the impact of these dynamics on operations; 
  • Highly developed skill at prioritizing, and accomplished at sequencing change;
  • Networks with and benchmarks other organizations to increase IPM effectiveness and help drive the ICA digital strategy to become “as powerful as powerful between the oceans as it is between the lakes.”
  • Able to continuously develop, execute and evaluate strategic plans, in concert with other stakeholders, and to champion strategic perspectives.

Vision:Displays ability to project IPM and ICA’s needs out into the long-term future:

  • Is a big picture person with an orientation toward the future, and the capacity to manage the details to achieve the vision;
  • Has a vision for IPM’s organizational future including how to make the transition to the new media environment – carefully, aggressively, while still maintaining service to our current audience;
  • Balances vision with doing;   
  • Is able to enroll others in working together to execute that vision;

Communication:Highly developed public and private interpersonal skills, including:

  • Being a skillful, committed listener;
  • Is personable, inspiring and respectful;
  • Is an organized thinker, effective writer and speaker with strong presentation skills;
  • Who enjoys/is comfortable being in a public situation and being “the face” of IPM, and when called upon, of ICA as well;
  • Is an articulate, effective spokesperson for IPM, ICA and its mission.

Integrity: Our most important asset is the trust our audience, the people of Michigan and the world have in our programming and in IPM/ICA as an institution. The IPM General Manager will:

  • Be an authentic, courageous, ethical person of substance with strong awareness and sense of self, with clear, high standards for him or herself and others;
  • Be honest with him or herself and others;
  • Understand and practice confidentiality when necessary as well as organizational and financial transparency;
  • Understand and have commitment to journalistic independence, integrity, and ethics

Passion:A highly energetic person who is inspired by the direction and public service mission of IPM and ICA and:

  • Has authentic enthusiasm for and commitment to the heritage and future of IPM and ICA, public media’s potential/future including as a source for local content, for the arts and for developing and deploying new and innovative service delivery mechanisms;
  • Communicates passion in a way that engages others and generates action by staff, the rest of ICA and the community, including potential funders.

Creativity: Through a combination of knowledge and insights about IPM and ICA and the context it operates in, is able to generate significant organizational improvements, and:

  • Is an out of the box thinker, who makes connections quickly, is personally creative and is able to act on that creativity; 
  • Is open-minded and a good learner who is not risk-averse; 
  • Has a focus on innovative models and conquering challenges; 
  • Has desire, persistence and resourcefulness to solve problems and make things happen.

Problem solving and decision making: Expert decision-maker, who:

  • Has the ability to prioritize and determine significance of a particular issue, understands who to include in the problem solving process, and knows what and how much information is needed;
  • Is able to effectively analyze and use data in the decision-making process, and will make decisions in a timely matter; 
  • Is good at follow-through - clearly communicates decision, designs and administers effective execution, with appropriate pre-determined success measures and time-posts; and
  • Has level of personal strength to stick by decisions and/or know when a change of direction is needed.

Self-motivation: Focused, proactive, self-confident individual who takes action without being prompted.

  • Sets specific goals for themselves and the organization and communicates them effectively;
  • Is outcome oriented;
  • Monitors progress toward goals;
  • Maintains fast pace over time;
  • Models excellence.

Additional Information

Application Process:

Please apply through Livingston Associates at If you have any questions about the application process please contact Adam Livingston at