Solution Architect

  • Main Street, Boston, MA, United States
  • Full-time

Company Description

As a digitally-focused management consultancy, we do more than strategy. From strategy and design to architecture and development, we deploy senior, cross-functional teams to work hip-to-hip in the trenches with client teams. 

Founded in 2003, Intevity (previously Twin Technologies) is a full service, digitally-focused management consultancy based in Boston, MA with remote offices and employees throughout the eastern and central US (Baltimore, Chicago, D.C., New York). Intevity focuses on both Commercial and Public Sector clients, with deep expertise in retail, software, and government. Intevity has key vendor partnerships with Adobe, AWS, and Salesforce. 

We work on all phases of projects, from early discovery and design to strategy to execution. We are known for our vulnerability-based culture, high levels of craftsmanship, innovation, and trust; being able to truly connect with the needs and spot the real reasons why an organization is being held back from achieving their goals. 

We specialize in digital transformation in retail, software, and government. We align audiences, optimize processes and build custom, cutting-edge experiences on leading platforms—all while helping businesses increase velocity while reducing organizational risk. 

As an agile company, Intevity is committed to continually growing and evolving with the market to provide an environment where creativity, leadership, mentoring, planning, and resources are in place to achieve our shared goals.

Job Description

We are looking for a proven and exceptional software architect with credible experience designing, implementing, and delivering complex enterprise applications using modern client-facing and server-side technologies. The ideal candidate will work with a variety of stakeholders to review and improve the organization’s strategy, processes, information and technology.

Key Qualities That You Possess:

While we are looking for candidates to possess a core set of engineering and architecture skills, we want to stress that equally important are the following technical leadership skills.

  • Architectural and Design Leadership.  You have the experience to lead software architecture efforts that produce flexible, sustainable, and maintainable software platforms.  You are thoughtful in your design approach and recognize the importance to scale without sacrificing development speed or quality.

  • Engineering Passion.  You aren't just an amazing engineer; you're an entrepreneur who loves to build things and talk to the people who use them.  You want to build something amazing that people love to use every day.

  • Customer Experience Steward. You value customers and users -- and know how to speak with them to get that little “extra” piece of information that can make a good solution great, and a great solution awesome.

  • Effectiveness Champion.  You understand the difference between working, effective, and high-performance teams -- and have the ability to empower team-members to maximize their ability to deliver working software.

  • Tactical Leadership.  You are a natural leader, and understand what it takes tactically to lead successful software engagements.   You can describe the leadership and delivery values you embrace -- and explain why they differentiate you from other software architects and engineers.

  • Technology Agnostic.  You are not confined or limited in your technology choices and believe in using the right tool for the job.  That being said, you have the passion and knowledge to engage in discussions about various tooling and technologies.

  • Simplicity Advocate.  You see beauty in concise, intuitive APIs: RESTful, pragmatic, and predictable.  You know from experience what people mean when they say, “simplicity is hard”, and would choose simple and elegant solutions over complex ones every day of the week.

Technologies and Disciplines:The platforms that we’re tasked to review, analyze, and improve upon are constantly changing, but here is a list of what we commonly see:

  • Sitecore, Episerver, Adobe AEM or similar

  • Marketo, Eloqua or similar

  • Custom .NET or Java full stack environments

  • Salesforce

  • Zuora or similar



  • Overall solution architecture, data modeling, high- and low-level design and non functional technical requirements
  • Solve complex technical, scalability or performance challenges

  • Evaluate technologies and prototype solutions

  • Conduct code and design reviews and be hands on to develop technical products

  • Work in a fast-paced agile environment and be able to take a high level requirements and work with different teams to make it a reality

  • Roll-up-your-sleeves problem solver

  • Strong speaker and written/visual communicator with superior listening skills and a “share early, share often” mentality

Competencies / Requirements:

  • Our ideal candidate is highly motivated and has an ownership mentality

  • 8+ years of experience with progressively increasing responsibilities in engineering and architecture with hands on experience in full-stack development, design and architecture

  • A strong foundation in computer science, algorithms, data structures and design patterns

  • Thrives working with talented teams, seeking to achieve superior results

  • Deep experience in building web services and backend web platforms

  • Prior management or technology consulting experience working with large enterprise clients

  • Candidate must live in Northeast US (Boston preferred)

  • Ability to travel and located within 3 hours drive of a major airport

  • Legal United States citizen


Being remote allows our employees to live where they want to.  It means being able to have the lifestyle that you choose. Working remotely is not for everyone but it allows us to spend less time commuting and more time on the things that really matter.  We believe this is essential to supporting a workforce that can achieve a healthy work-life balance. In exchange, we ask that you are geographically located somewhere in the Northeast - Mid Atlantic US, within driving distance of a major airport so you can travel to client sites or team meet-ups when needed. 

What’s does this mean for you?  You get to work from where you need or want to work. Each team member is provided the tools, infrastructure, and support to create a productive, professional work from home office environment. We observe and operate standard East Coast working hours to support the majority of our clients and our teammates. We also provide some flexibility for daily schedules to accommodate one’s personal obligations to home and family life.

We recognize that working remotely isn’t always easy; the remote work model encourages independent thinking but requires increased professional accountability and self-discipline.  We are an outcome-focused team and work to get the job done. We champion a culture of transparency and openness.  

While travel is part of the job requirement to service clients and team build, we ensure it is asked for and planned as thoughtfully as possible. Travel amounts do vary by engagement, but a Solution Architect can expect to travel to client locations on a ~2x month basis to build client relationships, team relationships, participate in working sessions, etc. 

Additional Information

Intevity offers a competitive and comprehensive employee compensation and benefits package that includes base salary, medical, dental and vision insurance, long and short-term disability insurance, life insurance, 401k program with company match, and an open PTO plan.

Intevity is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.