Web Developer

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Employees can work remotely
  • Part-time

Company Description

We are a digital marketing agency that blends innovative thinking and talent with technical expertise to create concepts that ultimately fuel your business’s success. Our experts are well-versed designers and digital marketers that architect simple ideas into real products and services. With strong attention to detail and best-in-class design, we strive to become your one-stop solution to building your business in the digital world.

Job Description

The Web Developer position is responsible for the undertaking of web development assignments working alongside a dedicated and passionate team of digital marketing specialists. Well experienced in regards to creating and editing web-sites and web pages with a degree of visual acuity while being well versed at installing and configuring various plugins and tracking codes.

If we are successful it will be the result of each and every member of the team working and behaving in ways that achieve results in support of this journey.

Expectation : An above average (Impressive) performer who is able to deliver high standards of work but can do so efficiently without over-investing time into the process.

Some responsibilities but not limited to:

  • Set up of appropriate Google Analytics goals
  • Ad hoc Web Development tasks (implementation of Value Adds)
  • Support SEO teams and delivery departments with technical support
  • Building websites for new and existing clients
  • Content uploads to support SEO team
  • Speeding up of websites by reviewing requests, size of the website and making improvements
  • Fixing of website issues such as making website mobile friendly, creating/fixing templates, and general ad hoc additions


  • An individual should possess a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or relevant field.
  • An interest and enthusiasm which is continually demonstrated towards both your work and the company
  • Excelling at adapting to the often rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape and the challenges it creates
  • Exhibit the capacity to cope with sustained pressure and adversity in the work environment when necessary.
  • Displaying a willingness to own issues as they arise and take proactive, self-sufficient actions toward their resolution.
  • Follow operational guides and policies as they relate to the systems and procedures throughout the company, such as protocols for task management systems, time tracking, customer relationship management systems.
  • Communication with internal and external customers, be it via task management systems, electronic format, verbal or otherwise will be concise, timely and transparent.

We Value :

Ability to demonstrate, understand and personify our clients values of ; Passion, Customers, Fun, Teamwork and Smart through day to day behaviors and interactions with team members and clients.

Additional Information

Experience with WIX, Figma, Wordpress and others


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