Civil Engineer - Water Treatment - Long term contract

  • San Jose, CA
  • Contract

Job Description

Required Knowledge

  • Operations, services and activities of a comprehensive civil engineering capital improvement program with emphasis on flood control and water supply, storage, treatment and distribution systems and facilities
  • Advanced principles and practices of civil engineering design and construction
  • Principles and practices of:
    • geotechnical and environmental engineering;
    • hydrology, hydraulics, structural design, and water treatment fundamentals related to flood control, water
    • quality and water supply as assigned;
    • project scheduling, management, budgeting and engineering cost estimating; and
    • contract administration and management, lead supervision and training
  • Civil engineering theory and design concepts for flood control/hydraulic structures, buildings, bridges, pipelines, dams and water treatment plants
  • Water chemistry, treatment processes and plant operations including bench and pilot scale analytical methods for water treatment processes
  • Geotechnical applications in the design of levees, earth-fill dams, soil stability analysis, ground water quality monitoring and contamination investigation and cleanup
  • Geomorphological and biotechnical applications in the design of channels and slope protection works
  • Construction methods, materials, specifications and codes
  • Methods and techniques:
    • of conducting site investigations and inspections;
    • of evaluating and negotiating construction change orders and claims;
    • of preparing civil engineering drawings, specifications and construction plans; and
    • used in civil engineering report preparation
  • Advanced engineering mathematics, economics and statistical analysis
  • Professional civil engineering principles, codes and standards
  • Pertinent Federal, State and local standards, codes, laws and regulations


Required Skills and Abilities

  • Lead, coordinate and oversee civil engineering studies; planning, design and construction projects; and programs.  Plan, direct, assign and review the work of assigned staff.
  • Apply engineering principles and computer programs to the solution of engineering problems.
  • Conduct bench scale, pilot scale treatment process analysis, and various engineering studies to recommend engineering solutions.
  • Prepare, interpret, review and certify drawings, graphs, plans and specifications, revisions to engineering plans, drawings and specifications.
  • Access capabilities and physical plant improvements necessary for ensuring continued compliance with changing water quality regulations.
  • Prepare a variety of technical and administrative reports and documents.
  • Set project priorities and exercise sound independent judgment within established procedural guidelines.
  • Provide training and technical support to assigned staff.
  • Participate in the administration and preparation of assigned contracts.


Must have a valid Civil Engineering license

Must be a US Person

Must have water or water treatment experience