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Company Description


Right Path Mentoring pairs youth with positive adults who act as role models and express a willingness to be a supportive guide in the youth’s life. The youth who participate in this program tend to be at-risk youth,  from ages 12-17. The Right Path Mentors provide these youth with constructive encouragement that is necessary in the ever-changing lives of youth today. Right Path focuses on character-building activities, expressing the importance of overall health, and providing the youth with an array of community, educational and economic resources.  It is a program that is under the scope of services of the organization LES-TN.


Many youth are traveling in the wrong direction. YOU can help lead them down the right path.

Job Description

The Right Path Mentor is a volunteer from the community who serves their mentees by acting as an empowering role model, by working to develop a positive relationship with the youth in order to reduce passivity and prevent continuous at-risk behavior. The Mentor will provide leadership tailored to the individual needs of the youth. To be an effective mentor, an individual must have the willingness, openness, and eagerness to work with youth who may suffer from or struggle with depression, victimization, low self-esteem, health issues, risky behavior, and academic under-achievement. 

Many of the youth that participate in the Right Path Mentoring program are facing problems at home or school, such as: living in under-served communities, single-parent households; low academic performance; past or present trouble with law enforcement; peer and adult conflict; or school dropouts.

Due to these reasons and more, these youth are in need of mentors who will aid the youth in self-development and -betterment in various aspects of their lives by:

  • Helping the youth to foster positive relationships in his or her life
  • Encouraging the youth to seek higher education
  • Setting the youth on the right track so that they will not begin or continue to make the wrong choices
  • Serving as an academic tutor and counselor
  • Providing needed attention to youth whose parents are often working and away from the home
  • Locating resources to help youth success, such as job openings and access to technology 


  • Applicants must be: 20 years of age or older, Male, Live in the Greater Memphis Area
  • Applicants must have: Previous experience working with youth, Reliable transportation, Some higher education, No history of any convictions/felonies, Flexible schedule
  • Time Commitment: Right Path Mentors are expected to form positive and meaningful relationships with the youth that participate in this program. As a means to this end, Mentors must participate in an initial training which includes Diversity training, Stewards of Children, and CPR/First Aid. In addition, Mentors will be expected to attend biweekly group events, and also schedule one-on-one meetings (face-to-face) with their individual mentees outside of  our scheduled group events. 

Additional Information

Process to become involved:

1)      Complete the Right Path Mentor Application

2)      Participate in an informal interview

3)      Complete and pass a background/fingerprint check *Please do not apply if you are unable to  successfully pass the background check process

4)      Participate in 1 training/orientation session (half day training)

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.