• Sidney, OH
  • Full-time

Company Description

LanePark Sidney is a senior living community owned and operated by a team of seasoned leaders converged to create an unparalleled experience for seniors, their families, our associates, and the surrounding towns.  Our company isn’t about being different or better necessarily, we’re about being personal and real.  At LanePark, every single person matters. That’s what we do:  “Personal Matters”. 

We “flip the org chart upside down", empowering everyone to do the right work.  We know the "right work" is removing barriers to a personalized experience.  We have redefined what leadership means. 

Everyone is a leader at LanePark and those in positions with management responsibility will experience a humbling, “servant leadership” culture.  We don’t “recruit” for “open positions”.  We extend invitations to those who exude our excitement to serve and live our values out of pure and authentic connection.  For us, it’s not how well you do what you do, it’s why you do what you do.

Invitations are made following a rigorous talent and team selection process, which includes scientific behavioral assessments, peer and group dialogues, community integration processes, and the ability to promote our collective values to new residents. 

If after reading this you are energized, we want to speak with you.  Only the focused and authentic shall apply.

Job Description

The Maintenance Manager is responsible for implementing the maintenance and grounds program that ensures a safe and well-maintained interior and exterior environment at our community.  Interior maintenance consists of completing preventive maintenance schedules for all buildings and vehicles.  Exterior maintenance includes all aspects of the exterior of the buildings and the surrounding landscaping.  The Maintenance Manager is also responsible for emergency maintenance issues and the resolution of those on a timely basis so there is minimal disruption to the lifestyle of our residents.


The Maintenance Manager is also responsible for regular testing and inspections to comply with regulatory agency guidelines.


The Maintenance Manager works with the Director of Facilities and Purchasing at Chancellor Senior Management to coordinate budgeted capital improvements.


In this role, the Maintenance Manager must enthusiastically support The Chancellor Way which includes our vision, mission, and individual department standards and expectations.  Teamwork is required in all aspects of our community’s operations and specifically in the provision of any services for our residents.


  • Ability to read and write English; must be able to read and comprehend supply and chemical labeling and the Material Safety Data Sheets for all items used in this position.
  • Demonstrated experience in maintenance required, preferably in a health care community or apartment complex.
  • Must be able to work and communicate effectively with the community senior population.
  • Knowledge of all County and State regulations as related to all aspects of maintenance services.
  • Ability to be approved as a designated driver - valid state driver’s license and driving record acceptable to our insurer.
  • Knowledge of all relevant fire and safety procedures including OSHA-MSDS sheets and procedures.
  • Ability to maintain current knowledge of policies, procedures, and regulations as related to the position and/or department.
  • Ability to safely operate all maintenance and cleaning equipment.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of all employee and resident information.
  • Ability to work as a team member with other employees in providing services to residents.
  • Ability to meet established schedules and deadlines and to provide on-going progress reports to the Residence Manager.
  • Ability to work independently when required.

Additional Information

Salary is important to everyone, especially good sales people.  Money counts.  But what counts more is "fit".  This position will pay well and the total earned income for the fortunate invited team member will be driven by measurable results.  We pride ourselves on paying well, but we don't pay for entitled mindsets or mediocre performance.  Oh, and... there's always multiple ways to earn income such as promotions, special bonus incentives, benefits and the non-dollar earnings of being selected to join an exclusive team  and company that builds and manages senior living differently.


If you think you're up to our standards, we want to talk.  Be awesome.