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Company Description

LSA is continuously accepting qualified Linguists in all language pairs. To join LSA’s network, Linguists must possess native fluency in both English and a foreign language. The ability to provide superior customer service support is a must. Linguists are able to negotiate competitive fees for services based on their experience, professional credentials and market factors, such as demand for their language competencies. If you are a freelance professional Linguist or a bilingual Interpreter, and you would like to provide interpreting services over the telephone, on location or via video remote, please submit your resume to my e-mail below. 

LSA is one of the largest and fastest-growing language services providers in the world. The company offers a full range of language translation services and language interpretation services, including Translation and Localization, Video Remote Interpreting, INTERPRETALK® Interpreting by Telephone, Face-to-Face Interpreting, American Sign Language, Language Assessments and Intercultural Consulting. With over 150 employees and a network of more than 5,000 Independently Contracted global Linguists, LSA fulfills the multicultural communication needs of more than 2,000 clients worldwide, in over 200 languages, across virtually every industry segment. 

Job Description

Linguists that partner with LSA are able to accept client assignments and control their own schedules, while providing services remotely from a place of their choosing.  Additionally, Linguists are availed opportunities to accept challenging assignments and gain competitive industry experience. All languages are welcome. 

LSA, in cooperation with the Linguists we partner with, seeks to provide all clients with the highest level of linguistic support possible.  Interpreters in the LSA network conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, in accordance with industry standards and the appropriate codes of ethics and professional responsibility, which include the following:

For sound quality, land line phone access is generally believed to be superior
Full fluency in English and target language 
Professional interpretation courtesy, protocols and confidentiality 

When you partner with LSA as an Independent Contractor, you will have access to the “Interpreter Community” section of the LSA website. Available resources include: 

Log In / Out Access
Online Interpreting Courses
Vendor Payment Reconciliation
Glossaries and Terminology Lists
Discussion Groups With Other Interpreters in Target Language

If you’re interested in partnering with LSA, please send your resume to


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