Contract Android Trainer - Experienced programmers only

  • Atlanta, GA
  • Contract

Company Description

Ledet Training has been an Adobe, Apple and Autodesk authorized instructor-led training company for over 15 years. The company operates bricks and mortar facilities in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Houston,  San Diego and Washington DC. We also deliver classes online in virtual classrooms and onsite at customer locations so we are looking for trainers throughout the US.

Job Description

Trainers are sought for beginning through advanced Google Android Development.

This is a contract 1099 opportunity ideal for independent mobile development professionals seeking to supplement their business income with fairly regular opportunities to deliver classroom based instruction.

Classes are typically 2 to 5 days long. Class times are 9:00 to 4:00 with a one hour lunch break. Instructors are expected to arrive by 8:00 and be prepared to stay up to an hour later, if necessary, to answer customer questions or assist them with any challenges. Classes are delivered during the business work week. We do not offer classes on evenings or weekends.

Students are typically currently employed adult business professionals whose employer is paying for the professional skills development.

Daily Rates

As independent contractors, trainers can set their own pay rate. Different instructors charge different rates, but typically those contractors who set their daily rate competitive with others in the industry have more training opportunities presented to them. Their are approximately six hours of classroom delivery per day, but time must be budgeted for preparation and setup.


  • Significant real-world experience developing mobile applications with Android.
  • Solid understanding of Java, the Android SDK, Android Studio  and the Android Eclipse ADT. Great presentation skills. Previous speaking or teaching experience a big plus.
  • Preparation skills.
  • Caring attitude
  • Reliability and professionalism

Additional Information

A great applicant for this opportunity is someone who has both the techical expertise in the technology they are teaching as well as the effective presentation skills and caring attention to their students necessary to help adults learn to use technology more effectively to achieve business results.

Instructors who get the best reviews are engaging and entertaining, carefully prepared and organized, and focussed on what class participants can do, not on showing how much they know. They are open to constructive feedback and continually honing both their technical and delivery skills.