Participant London Banking Circuit 2019

  • London, UK
  • Intern

Company Description

The London Banking Circuit is the only Belgian recruiting event to launch your career in investment banking or sales and trading in London. The 20 most interested, driven and bright students will be selected to participate at the four-day event in the financial heart of Europe, where they can showcase their skills, motivation and fit through cases, trading games and informal meetings with the officials of the most renowned investment banks in the world. After the event the banks will invite the most promising students for further interviews for an internship or full-time position.

Job Description

The London Banking Circuit offers the participants the opportunity to engage in bank cases and networking events organised by leading Investment Banks . As a result, the Circuit offers a unique experience among financial firms, enabling our participants to develop a well-rounded and fine-tuned sense of what it takes to become an excellent Banker.  Afterwards, successful candidates are short-tracked by the Banks which enables them to land a summer and/or Off-Cycle internship position


The London Banking Circuit seeks to take individuals who are highly motivated, intelligent, and have demonstrated excellence in prior endeavours. Only Belgian students in their 3rd Bachelor or pursuing a Master's degree are eligible to apply. 

Additional Information

Required documents for your application to LBC 2019 are:

  1. Cover Letter
    • One cover letter for all the banks together suffices

    • Do not forget to mention in your cover letter whether your main interest is in Investment Banking or Sales & Trading

    • Address this letter to the banks, not to the London Banking Circuit  

  2. Resume
    • Keep it concise (preferably 1 page, maximum 2 pages) and clear. A suggested (not compulsory) layout to use is the Mergers & Inquisitions resume template that you can find here:
  3.  Grade Transcripts
    • We need an official university transcript of the grades of all your courses, not just a diploma that states your average 
    • Include your grades for all years at university Please note that all documents should be in English.


  • Merge these documents into one PDF-file in the above order. You can use one of plenty free PDF mergers that can be find on the web, such as 
  • Name your PDF as follows: YourLastName_YourFirstName.pdf

Best of luck!

The London Banking Circuit team

Matthieu Meeus

James Defauw